Water Ionizers by Alkaviva

Water Ionizers change your life, health and wellness for the better. Water ionizers from AlkaViva are durable and reliable water filtration appliances. They include ultra water technology that remove 99.99% of contaminants, giving you the healthiest and cleanest alkaline water possible. Many natural springs are alkaline pH waters, now you can have it at home with our alkaline water ionizers.

Alkaline Water Filter – Non-Electric Water Ionizer: ēlita Pure

This alkaline water filter offers the cleanest, healthiest water filtration that can raise the quality of your life, without breaking your bank account. What you put into your body matters. Staying fully hydrated matters. It matters because it’s about living life gracefully, even as you age.

Ultrawater™ (Ionized alkaline water filter) is water you were meant to drink. Clean, mineral-rich and anti-oxidant. The Elita Pure Ultrawater non electric water ionizer counter… Continue reading

About Water Ionizers: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

What Makes A High Quality Water Ionizer Different? 7 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy a Water Ionizer.

Purchasing your own water ionizer is an life-time investment. It’s all the more important the water ionizer of your choice is high quality and will last a life-time. Dr. Dave Carpenter outlines what to look for when buying a water ionizer. Discover what… Continue reading

The Perfect Pitcher – Alkaline Water Filter – Club Hydrate!

Discover The Perfect Alkaline Water Pitcher! Most popular brand pitchers are designed to only reduce chlorine taste, remove odor and a few other common contaminants. Another popular water pitcher removes many contaminants to impressive levels – but only when the filter is brand new!

The Perfect Pitcher changes your questionable tap water into the cleanest, mineral rich, best tasting water. We have independent, EPA certified laboratory testing to prove it… Continue reading

How Water Ionization Works In An Alkaline Water Ionizer

This article is to help you understand how water ionization works within a water ionizer.

Before your water ionization can occur be sure your tap water contains a variety of conductive minerals, like calcium, magnesium, sodium or potassium in different concentrations. These may vary depending on your source. Conductive minerals, also called electrolytes make it possible to process tap water through a computer controlled electrolysis process within the water… Continue reading

Water Ionizer Filtration Options: Which UltraWater Filter Should I Choose?

A common question asked by customers when buying a water ionizer filter is “What is the difference between the Fluoridated vs. non-Fluoridated water?”

If you don’t have fluoride in your home tap water, save yourself the annual cost of the more expensive filter and choose the non-fluoridated option. If you do have fluoride in your tap water, choose the fluoridated option. It’s simple to find out if your tap… Continue reading

Vesta GL Water Ionizer: The 9 Plate Alkaline Water Machine

It’s no mystery that the water ionization market has moved toward models with more plates. So Alkaviva has answered – with the expertise of Emco Tech.

Introducing The Vesta GL Water Ionizer – A new collaboration from Emco Tech  Engineers – The Vesta GL with 9-plates of advanced water ionizing power!


The Vesta GL Water Ionizer Is

Best Way To Test Drinking Water pH Level – Alkaline Water

There are several different methods of testing a solution’s pH – a digital meter, litmus paper, or reagent drops can be used to find the pH value of acidic or alkaline water. Each one of these methods works in a different way and each one is attached with different capabilities and precautions.

Meters, by far, are the most accurate method of reading pH, but need constant calibration – a huge drawback… Continue reading

Bottled Water, Tap Water or Alkaline Water: Water Cost Comparison

Premium Alkalizer: Ionways Athena

Would you like to own one of our alkaline water ionizers? Do you want to enjoy all the healthful benefits of alkaline water right now? Perhaps you found the cost of a premium water ionizer a bit of a stumbling block in making your decision to buy one. You are not alone.

Thousands have discovered the incredible benefits

Parents, Kids and Ionized Alkaline Water

It’s so important we teach our children the importance of drinking alkaline ionized water!  Unfortunately, most kids – when given a choice – choose soda, sports drinks, or sugary fruit juice to quench their thirst.

So what’s a parent to do in order to discourage bad beverage choices?

1. Educate them about the benefits of drinking water.

They were educated by endless commercials about soda’s and… Continue reading

Alkaline Water Ionizer Comparisons

Buying an alkaline water ionizer is an important investment to your life and health.

Here’s how to choose intelligently and SAVE MONEY!

Name of ionizer
Jupiter Melody
EmcoTech Athena
KYK Harmony 9040
Enagic SD501
Life Ionizer 7500
Tyent 7070

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Suggested Retail

Certified Independent… Continue reading

6 Alkaline Water Myths Exposed: Alkaline Water Vs Kangen Water ®

There so much misinformation and claims about ionizers on the internet. Among the claims is the notion that Alkaviva alkaline water ionizers are more expensive than Kangen Water ®. It is important that when looking for an Alkaline Water Ionizer or Kangen Water ® you make an educated choice not based on hype or misinformation. The credible and best information will enable you to choose an ionizer that is going… Continue reading

Alkaviva Athena H2 Water Ionizer for Clean Healthy Alkaline Water

The Alkaviva Athena H2 Water Ionizer Delivers the Cleanest and Healthiest Alkaline Water

The Athena H2 Water Ionizer represents the absolute zenith of performance, features, functionality and styling available in water ionization technology today – All backed by the dependability and certainty of Emco Tech – the world leader in ionization since 1982.

Many alkaline water ionizers will differ in their measurement, but Alkaviva’s