Water Ionizer Vs. Evamor Artesian Water Review

Evamore artesian bottled water reviewIn the recent months we’ve noticed the popularity of alkaline water systems growing. Primarily with the help of big bottled alkaline water brands such as Evamor. Evamor has been heavily promoting its artesian water. They claim their water has an alkalinity of up to 8.8 on the pH scale, which is definitely better to drink than tap water or regular bottled water.

At HealthAlkaline we appreciate any company bringing alkaline water to the mainstream. Many in North America are still too skeptical of the benefits of water ionizers despite the scientific proof.

Proof 1: Aids in Acid Reflux Disease (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22844861)
Proof 2: Aids in Bone Health (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18926940)
Proof 3: Reduced water (Also known as alkaline water) is a powerful antioxidant (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14871602)

Among the many benefits of alkaline water are reducing high blood pressure, better hydration and improved digestion function.

Research that’s still in the process is how alkaline water helps patients with breast cancer. We are eagerly awaiting the results.

While we thank Evamor for helping to educate the public on alkaline water. We don’t agree with bottling alkaline water, for many reasons. Read them here. Furthermore, we think compared to our water ionizers, Evamor artesian water costs consumers so much more. Let’s review how much people pay for Evamor’s goodness based on its Amazon competitive price, at the time of writing this review.

See the Amazon product here: Evamor Water

Evamor 32oz 6-Pack price: $27.08
$4.51 per 32oz bottle
Drink 2 bottles a day costs $9 each day
Your weekly costs are $63
Monthly payments are $253
Every Year Evamor Costs $3033


64oz 6-Pack Evamor price: $30 (plus shipping cost)
$5 per 32oz bottle
Drinking 1 bottle a day costs $5 each day
Your weekly costs are $35
Monthly payments are $140
Every Year Evamor Costs $1680

This is rock solid evidence that buying Evamor bottled water cost more than one brand new Vesta GL water ionizer.

With the money you waste on Evamor artesian water, each year you could buy yourself a brand new premium alkaline water ionizer from Alkaviva. Wow!

Bottled water provides “grab off the shelf” convenience, but at a much higher cost and without the guarantee that you’re really getting clean water.

Even if one were to buy and drink only 1 64oz bottle of Evamor Artesian water every day, it would still be more affordable to own your own kitchen counter-top water ionizer, and you’d have the peace of mind that you’re drinking super clean, super healthy, mineralized alkaline water.

The Melody Water Ionizer can be yours for a one-time payment of $1695.00 and offers a lifetime of health benefits. So, drinking just 1 bottle of Evamor Artesian water each day will still cost you more in less than a year than having your own brand new Melody Water Ionizer. In fact, with the savings, every year you could buy yourself or someone you love a new water ionizer from Alkaviva.

Note: The cost of home tap water use is not factored in here. Homeowners already pay substantially for use of their municipal tap water, in addition to buying expensive bottled water. See the review here.

Benefits of a Water Ionizer Machine

It is what it is, the numbers tell the truth. But there’s more to these facts. While owning an alkaline water ionizer is more affordable than bottled water, it is also healthier and more convenient. Water Ionizers:

  • Produce Higher pH Water (high alkaline)
  • Have More Antioxidant Benefits (ORP)
  • Also Makes Acidic Water for Green Home Cleaning (Never again buy toxic chemical based household cleaning products.)
  • Alkaviva Ultra Water Filters remove 99.99% of chemicals, contaminants, toxins from your tap water while leaving minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium intact.
  • Never be concerned again about local water safety scares. Your kitchen counter-top water ionizer will clean up even contaminated water coming in through your tap.
  • Is more accessible for the whole family. Fill your own bottles and take back your tap!

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is more beneficial because of its ORP* (Oxidation Reduction Potential) that makes it an antioxidant disease fighting drinking water and its alkalinity (High pH-balance).

The lower the minus reading of the ORP, the more antioxidant your water is. Here’s a comparison of Evamor Bottled Artesian Water versus our Samsung Vesta GL Water Ionizer.

Evamor  Vesta GL Water Ionizer
pH 8.8 8.0 – 11.0
ORP* none ORP: -400 to -850
Minerals Yes Yes
Ability to make acidic water for Green Home Cleaning:
No Yes


With the AlkaViva UltraWater Filtration Technology you can have the cleanest, healthiest alkaline water possible from your tap!

See all our premium water ionizers.
PREMIUM ALKALINE IONIZER MACHINES Equipped with Patent-pending ULTRAWATER™ Filtration Technology Removing 99.9% of All Contaminants from Your Tap Water.  Now YOU Can Drink the Healthiest and CLEANEST Water.


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