Water Cost Comparisons

Alkaline Water Machine: Athena Water Ionizer

Premium Alkaline Water Machine: Athena

Would you like to own one of our alkaline water ionizers? Do you want to enjoy all the healthful benefits of alkaline water right now? Perhaps you found the cost of a premium water ionizer a bit of a stumbling block in making your decision to buy one. You are not alone.
Thousands have discovered the incredible benefits of drinking alkaline water. Those who own this state-of-the-art alkaline water machine found their purchase to be a health investment that actually saves them money every year.
Let me give you a simple cost comparison to help you with your decision in owning your own alkaline water machine.
We must consider tap water usage first because you already pay for it. Why buy bottled water when you already pay for tap water? That’s easy – like most people you know that your city tap water is really not fit to drink.
So, even though you already pay for tap water, you probably wouldn’t dare drink it. Instead, most of us buy bottled water for every day drinking, and we use tap water for all the other household purposes.

City Tap Water Cost

The average U.S. resident uses around 150 gallons of tap water per day. Water rates vary widely from state to state and municipality to municipality. Small town household water rates fall somewhere between $1.00 and $2.00 per 748 gallons of water or HCF (hundred cubic feet). Large city household water rates are from $2.00 to $3.00 per 748 gallons of water.
Based on this, here’s what the water consumption of a household of four looks like for one month or over a billing cycle:
(Keep in mind that this number applies to a small municipality only. In a large city these costs will be higher.) 

  • Average daily water consumption: 600 gallons of water
  • Average monthly water consumption: 18,000 gallons of water
  • How many HCF is this? -> 18,000 divided by 748 = 24
  • Average cost per HCF? -> $1.50
  • Average monthly water bill? -> $1.50 x 24 = 36
  • Average bi-monthly water bill? -> $72

Let’s not forget to add to this number the sewage rate/cost plus any additional fees.  To be safe, let’s just say its $15 per month. That would bring our monthly cost up to $51.
Per year that would be $612 in cost of tap water.
However, as stated above we don’t drink tap water, we buy bottled water instead. So what’s the cost of bottled water in addition to tap water?
According to experts at the Mayo Clinic just to replace the fluids we lose each day through our breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements, the average healthy adult living in a temperate climate should consume at least 2 liters of water per day. If you drink coffee and/or soft drinks then you need to drink even more water since these beverages are actually diuretics which contribute to the loss of water from your body. Add to that the fact that these are also highly acidic drinks and you have another good reason to drink alkaline water.

Bottled Water – A Waste of Money!

The price of bottled water ranges between $0.25 and $2 per bottle depending on which brand you choose. For the sake of comparison let’s choose the most familiar brand in Florida, Zephyrhills.
For their most “affordable” offer you’ll pay $6.99 for 24 bottles per case (16.9 fl. oz./bottle).  For the minimum per person consumption of 2 liters per day the cost of Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water for your family of four would be $2.21 per gallon. You would pay $2,425.57 every year. Over 15 years assuming no inflation you would pay $36,233.55 for your bottled water consumption.
Again, buying bottled water would set you back, $2,425.57 every year. Remember, you’re already paying for the tap water you don’t drink at $612 every year. Add to that the above yearly bottled cost and your total becomes $3,037.57. It makes more financial sense to make clean, super filtered, mineralized, healthy alkaline water yourself instead, right?
In the quest for the best water to drink, many of us buy much more expensive bottled water like: Fiji, Evian and others. Review this Water Cost Comparison below to see what you’re spending.

Save On Water Cost with the Athena Water Alkalizer

You learn that in one year you can easily spend MORE on bottled water than the cost of a premium alkaline water machine, while also paying for tap water.
Think outside the bottle. Purchasing a premium  alkaline water ionizer for your family  not only makes good financial sense –  with our water ionizer you will transform your tap water into  super hydrating, anti-aging, anti-oxidants rich, detoxifying water that’s better for your health and superior to any bottled water you can buy.  You can even share your alkaline water discovery with your friends by bottling it yourself and giving them some to try.
To share this comparison with friends, Download this PDF that shows how affordable owning the Athena Ionizer is.