Water As A Gift of Life

Clean water is absolutely vital. We are learning so much today about our tap and bottled water. While it’s not the best it can be, the United States of America probably has the best municipal water people can drink.

It is not so in other parts of the world, like Haiti and Africa. Every day children all over the world walk miles down a “road of death” to fetch their daily water. This water isn’t even clean – it’s filled with all sorts of water-borne diseases.

The other day while I was flipping through TV channels I stumbled on to a Christian program called Life Today. The host, James Robison was showing a video of families and children drinking from a puddle of water that was brown from the dirt it was in. To be honest, I felt disgusted by the scene. It was shocking and heartbreaking at the same time. Watching it you just want to yell out at the TV screen, “Don’t drink this water, it will make you sick and kill you.”

We take water for granted here in America while others are desperate for it. I believe it’s our obligation to help the children in need. My wife and I were touched by the Life Today program and committed to make a donation to that ministry. We don’t have much ourselves, but we have more than those poor people in need of clean water.

James Robison and his team do a great job of changing peoples lives with water. They don’t bring them bottled water. They drill wells of fresh clean drinking water for them that they can enjoy for years. That is a blessing. I want to invite you support this effort of giving the gift of water.

A new well offers relief in so many ways: it stops disease, promotes healthy bodies, and provides the means for families to become self-sufficient by growing their own gardens and caring for their own animals.

Clean water is absolutely vital. With clean water, these thirsty communities can do more than merely survive – THEY CAN TRULY HAVE LIFE!

Make a Donation: Water for Life

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