Water Ionizer Filtration Options: Which UltraWater Filter Should I Choose?

A common question asked by customers when buying a water ionizer filter is “What is the difference between the Fluoridated vs. non-Fluoridated water?”

If you don’t have fluoride in your home tap water, save yourself the annual cost of the more expensive filter and choose the non-fluoridated option. If you do have fluoride in your tap water, choose the fluoridated option. It’s simple to find out if your tap… Continue reading

Pesticide Chemical in Tap Water linked to Food Allergies

Can anybody say, yuck! The same chemical that’s found in pesticides and weed killers, is the same chemical agent used to kill bacteria in your municipal drinking water. Healthy? On the contrary.

A report just in from the journal, Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology: A chemical known to be widely used in tap water chlorination and as pesticides for produce has been discovered to be associated with increased… Continue reading