Top Benefit of Alkaline Ionized UltraWater: Antioxidant ORP

Much is known about the alkalinity of alkaline water, the pH. But few have any knowledge whatsoever about the top reason why you should drink alkaline ionized water.

But before we explain what it is, we should briefly address the fact that most drinking waters are not 100% healthy.

  • Distilled water for example, while void of contaminants, when consumed is an extractor that depletes your body of

Answer to Freezing Alkaline Water

Searching the web for “if you can freeze alkaline water” can be confusion.

Some sites will say  freezing alkaline water will cause it to lose its properties and qualities. Others will tell you, go ahead and freeze it. But the answer to this question is simple and common sense.

Alkaline water is water that’s alive. It’s living water because it’s rich in electrons which are good for you… Continue reading