Gout Pain in Women After Menopause

Gout pain not only attacks men. In fact, a survey released on Gout Awareness Day May 22, shows 60 Percent of women experienced three or more gout pain flares per year and 91 Percent considered their gout pain to be chronic or severe.

For women, the risk of getting gout pain increases after menopause. The survey results reveal that women in the age range of menopause are greatly impacted… Continue reading

My Gout Kill Formula – Changing Your Body pH

Gout Foot

If you are having a gout attack then you want to know what to do right now so I’m going to get right to the point. Gout hurts and you need to take emergency action. My first gout attack was in 2002 and I have been researching gout causes every since. The sooner you act the sooner you recover. First pray for Christ’s… Continue reading