Vesta GL Water Ionizer: The 9 Plate Alkaline Water Machine

It’s no mystery that the water ionization market has moved toward models with more plates. So Alkaviva has answered – with the expertise of Emco Tech.

Introducing The Vesta GL Water Ionizer – A new collaboration from Emco Tech  Engineers – The Vesta GL with 9-plates of advanced water ionizing power!


The Vesta GL Water Ionizer Is

Alkaline Water Ionizer Comparisons

Buying an alkaline water ionizer is an important investment to your life and health.

Here’s how to choose intelligently and SAVE MONEY!

Name of ionizer
Jupiter Melody
EmcoTech Athena
KYK Harmony 9040
Enagic SD501
Life Ionizer 7500
Tyent 7070

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Suggested Retail

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