Pumpkin, An Alkaline Food for the Holidays

Pumpkins are a great holiday food, we use it at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and they are also a delicious alkaline food loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Pumpkins Are Healthy For You, here’s a quick list of why:

Low Fat Food: Less than 15 percent of calories come from fat (if you don’t have a scoop of ice-cream on it).

High in Anti-oxidants: From the deep… Continue reading

Alkaline Foods: Discovering Alkaline Cuisine Cookbook with Chef Sal

Alkaline Foods with Chef Sal

There seems to be a misconception that is rather widespread regarding raw alkaline foods, namely that alkaline foods dishes are odd, difficult to prepare and not tasty! Chef Sal wanted to end this perception completely, by demonstrating the contrary in his cookbook “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine.”

“Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine” cookbook was born during cooking classes Chef Sal gave… Continue reading

6 Healthy Alkaline Recipes – Alkaline Foods for Alkaline Diet

If you are interested in an Alkaline Lifestyle, here are 6 healthy alkaline recipes for you and your family.

Would you like to prepare some alkaline dishes at home? There so many like you who are learning about the benefits of alkaline foods, but don’t know how to prepare them.   Here are a few alkaline recipes samples from our alkaline cookbook you can try right now.

Refreshing Alkaline

Eating Alkaline Food is Better for You, Says Dietitian.

Personal trainer and licensed Bahamian dietitian Renecia Bain recently told the Freeport News that foods rich in alkaline can be good for stabilizing one’s blood sugar and pressure.

In The Bahamas, the number one health problem is hypertension followed by different forms of cancer and type two diabetes, which is lifestyle related. The dietitian offered advice as to how Bahamians can shop for and eat inexpensive and healthy meals… Continue reading