Alkaline Diet: Four Rules of The Alkaline Diet Lifestyle

Better health is all about balance, and pH balance is what the health alkaline diet lifestyle is all about.

There are four simple yet highly effective ways to help you get maximum benefit from following the alkaline diet lifestyle. Stick with these are rules if you want to enjoy good health and robust vitality.

Those who live the alkaline diet lifestyle experience the following amazing health benefits, and… Continue reading

Acid Reflux: Avoid Acid-forming Foods – Go Alkaline Diet

Acid reflux can be an excruciating condition. When the acid comes up it hurts and it can make the sufferer choke!

What causes heartburn or acid reflux?

Your stomach produces hydrochloric acid that digests food in your tummy. Of course, at the same time, your pancreas produces alkaline digestive juices to buffer the acidic contents of the stomach. If they wouldn’t, your intestines would get burnt by the… Continue reading

Healthiest Diet for Slimming Up: The Alkaline Diet

America is probably the most obese nation in the world, which is the reason why there are so many diets on the market, one diet claiming to be healthier than the other. I have done one of them, the MediFast Weight loss Plan and lost 20 pounds in one month with little exercise, it was good and I’m happy I did it. It was also a great jump-start towards the… Continue reading

Alkaline Foods and Acid Alkaline Balance in Your Body

The Human Body is Slightly Alkaline. Our cells, organs and tissues must maintain a state of slight alkalinity for our very survival. The blood that circulates throughout the body must maintain a range of slightly alkaline pH of 7.35 to 7.45.

Certain substances and foods can potentially disrupt the healthy pH of the blood lowering it to unhealthy levels. A slightly acidic blood with a pH of 6.95 can… Continue reading

List of Alkaline-forming Foods for Your Alkaline Diet

The American diet is high in acid producing products such as meat, cheeses, grains and alcohol and typically too low in alkaline producing foods such as green vegetables, fresh fruits, spices and pro-biotic cultures (such as those found in real yogurt, like kefir and amasai). Furthermore, we have become a society that is literally consumed with high fructose corn syrup, refined flours and coffee, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals and artificial sweeteners –… Continue reading

Alkaline Foods: Discovering Alkaline Cuisine Cookbook with Chef Sal

Alkaline Foods with Chef Sal

There seems to be a misconception that is rather widespread regarding raw alkaline foods, namely that alkaline foods dishes are odd, difficult to prepare and not tasty! Chef Sal wanted to end this perception completely, by demonstrating the contrary in his cookbook “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine.”

“Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine” cookbook was born during cooking classes Chef Sal gave… Continue reading

6 Healthy Alkaline Recipes – Alkaline Foods for Alkaline Diet

If you are interested in an Alkaline Lifestyle, here are 6 healthy alkaline recipes for you and your family.

Would you like to prepare some alkaline dishes at home? There so many like you who are learning about the benefits of alkaline foods, but don’t know how to prepare them.   Here are a few alkaline recipes samples from our alkaline cookbook you can try right now.

Refreshing Alkaline

How to Lose Weight Fast with Alkaline Diet Foods

Are you frustrated with your weight? People try strict diet plans, starvation diets to lose weight fast and even punishing exercise routines without ever getting the results they dream about.

The truth is that shedding pounds is easy.

If you feel uneasy, uncomfortable and even embarrassed being seen in a bathing suit then chances are that dropping extra pounds this summer would make a huge difference in your… Continue reading

Your Body’s Alkaline Reserve and Alkaline Foods

Did you know your body has an alkaline reserve? It’s a very important part of your body you should take into consideration, especially when choosing what diet and nutrition is best for your weight loss plan and health.

In his book, Alkalize or Die, Dr. Theodore Baroody explains the alkaline reserve, “The great alkaline reserve is the body’s bank account. The body can call upon it anytime to release… Continue reading