Best Way To Test Drinking Water pH Level – Alkaline Water

There are several different methods of testing a solution’s pH – a digital meter, litmus paper, or reagent drops can be used to find the pH value of acidic or alkaline water. Each one of these methods works in a different way and each one is attached with different capabilities and precautions.

Meters, by far, are the most accurate method of reading pH, but need constant calibration – a huge drawback… Continue reading

17 Ways to Use Acidic Water and It’s Amazing Benefits

By now you should be well familiar with alkaline water benefits, the importance of being pH balanced and the differences of acidity and alkalinity. However, there’s one thing many seem to overlook in alkaline water ionizers. They also produces acidic water. Oftentimes, this question arises, “How can I use the acidic water?”

We’re happy to tell you that there are a myriad of uses for acidic water!  One of the… Continue reading