Southern California’s Carbonated Alkaline Water

There must be something in the water.

Alkalized water is becoming popular in North America. From bottled alkaline water to counter-top water ionizer filters Americans are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of this natural water.

The following is an excerpt from an interesting story in the Vancouver Sun

SAN DIEGO – There must be something in the water – the kind you drink or the salty stuff in the endless Pacific waves; people we meet in Southern California are just plain happy.

Sunny San Diego is one cheerful city. At the airport, the wheelchair handler whistles as he works and the driver of our rental-car shuttle greets us with a genuine “Welcome, Grandma and Grandpa.”

Next day, we move south to the town of Carlsbad, named when mineral water discovered there in 1882 proved to be similar to that at the famous Karlsbad, Bohemia, health resort.

Carlsbad Mineral Alkaline Water

In 1882 retired sea captain John Frazier discovered mineral water while well digging 925 feet down. Once it was verified he had hit a rich deposit of mineral water, it was named Carlsbad Mineral Water. Soon they discovered it was very therapeutic. The Business prospered and beautiful Victorian homes were built in the surrounding area. In 1930 a hotel was built that accommodated many celebrities who came frequently to enjoy the mineral baths. However, when the hard time of the depression hit the hotel fell into disrepair.

Then in 1992 Ludvik Grigoras restored the old well by re-drilling another well to again produce naturally carbonated alkaline water.

Carlsbad Famous “alkaline” Water is now delivered to local homes and businesses.

Is that why the people are so happy? There’s something in the water, indeed. But you don’t have to travel to Carlsbad to enjoy alkaline water. Water Ionizers make alkaline water right on your kitchen counter top. See the most reliable, durable alkaline water machines available from Alkaviva Ultrawater.

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