Soda. You know it’s bad for you, why drink it?

Is soda a part of your daily habit? If so, you should know that the price ticket for drinking soda is higher than you probably realize. Sugary soda adds extra, empty calories to your diet and has a caustic effect on your teeth – even diet soda is dangerous to your body’s system.

Soda, whether diet or not, is highly acidic, and has the power to wreak havoc on the delicate alkaline/acid balance your body works so hard to protect. Symptoms of acidosis can include loss of bone calcium, tooth decay, along with stomach and intestinal weaknesses. Over time, an highly acidic diet has proved to be a major player in the so called “aging diseases.”

If soda’s got you hooked and you can’t see yourself giving it up entirely, consider reducing the amount you drink to one cup per day, gradually shifting your liquid choice to alkaline, ionized water. Even if you choose to continue drinking soda, you can drink alkaline water right after drinking soda to help re-hydrate yourself and neutralize the acidity of the soda. You’ll probably find that you feel better, and you may even experience less heartburn. If you are new to the concept of alkaline water or ionized water, here is how it works…

Tap water contains many ions; some ions are desirable (like calcium, which is good for teeth and bones) and some ions are less desirable, like chlorine (too many chlorine ions water will make it smell and taste bad). Water ionizers, through electrolysis, remove bad ions from water while concentrating its essential alkalizing minerals, creating a strong, alkaline water without adding a thing to it! Ionization also creates a strong, negative charge in the water making it easier for your body to absorb all its healthy goodness. Alkaline, ionized water tastes great, is healthy, and eliminates the need to purchase bottled water.

Another Reason to Get Off Drinking Soda

The next time you’re in the store, take a look at the nutrition facts printed on the can or bottle. You’ll find out that soda is mostly calories, with lots and lots of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, making it essentially useless to the human body. In fact, one can of cola’s got more sugar than your body needs or wants from a beverage- 10 teaspoons (42 grams), to be exact. Now that’s a lot of sugar! One popular soft drink beverage company states clearly on its website that high fructose corn syrup is a mixture of two simple sugars, glucose and fructose.

What are simple sugars like glucose and fructose?

Unlike complex sugars or carbohydrates, simple sugars are digested very quickly by the human body. If you drink a can of soda, 10 teaspoons of sugar will be ingested very rapidly into the bloodstream, giving you what’s often called a sugar rush. Because of all the excess sugar in the bloodstream, the pancreas creates a hormone called insulin and sends it into the bloodstream to regulate the excess sugar. Once this takes place, you’ll usually experience a low from the sugar rush you just experienced, making you feel drowsy and leaving you in need of something nutritious for fuel. This scenario can turn into a vicious cycle for the habitual soda drinker. And it’s one habit that’s certainly not health promoting! Do a simple search on the adverse health effects of soda and discover for yourself the heavy burden soda places on the systems of the body.

Unlike sugar loaded soda, alkaline, ionized water has no calories, no sugar, and tons of beneficial health properties! You should try ionized alkaline water! Who knows? You might discover that you like the taste of water and ditch your soda for good!

A Healthier Choice over Soda is Alkaline Ionized Water

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