Should You Trust the Bottled Water Name Brands?

why drink alkaline waterThe bottled water makers think so. Their ads present the image of pure and clean drinking water, guaranteed to quench your thirst. Consumers pay well over 1,900 times more for bottled water than tap water. While the bottled water maker’s thirst for cash is satisfied, they however, leave the water consumer dehydrated.

Do you know what’s in your favorite brand of bottled water?

Bottled water companies were asked three questions about their treatment process:

  • Where does your bottled water come from?
  • How is it purified, if it is?
  • If they have done tests: Have you found any contaminants, and what are they?

No one knows. They keep secret some or all the answers to these elementary questions.

Among the ten best-selling brands, nine — Pepsi’s Aquafina, Coca-Cola’s Dasani, Crystal Geyser and six of seven Nestlé brands — didn’t answer at least one of those questions.

Only one — Nestle’s Pure Life Purified Water — disclosed its water source and treatment method on the label and offers an 800-number, website or mailing address where consumers can request a water quality test report.

The industry’s refusal to tell water consumers everything they deserve to know about their bottled water is surprising.

A new survey of 173 unique bottled water products finds that:

  • 18 percent of bottled water makers fail to list the source
  • 32 percent disclose nothing about the treatment or purity of the water.

Much of the marketing nonsense that drew ridicule last year can still be found on a number of labels.

The environmental group that conducted the research recommends that you drink filtered tap water. “You’ll save money, drink water that’s purer than tap water and help solve the global glut of plastic bottles,” They say.

Filtered tap water is OK, but not good enough for your health. While most Reverse Osmosis filters make tap water safer to drink, they also demineralize your drinking water. Your body needs good clean healthy mineral water to stay hydrated. Reverse Osmosis doesn’t provide that.

There are many other ways to filter water, like the counter top filters of Brita, Zero Water and Aquasana. We wrote about Brita and Zero Water here.

What’s more, filtered water through Reverse Osmosis or name brand filters is not alkaline. Read these articles for more info:

The healthiest water to drink is filtered alkaline ionized water. Knowing that the bottle water makers don’t care about revealing what’s in their water, should you spend your hard-earned money for possibly dirty unregulated drinking water? The answer is NO!

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