Should You Buy Bottled Alkaline Water?

BPA Toxic bottled alkaline waterREAD THE FACTS ON BOTTLED ALKALINE WATER BEFORE YOU BUY IT. — There are many brands of bottled alkaline water being developed, like Essentia Water, Affinity’s Alkalized Water, Alka-Pure® Natural Alkaline Wellness Water, Alka Power Alkaline Water, Nordenauer, The Highest Anti-oxidant Water, Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water, Akasha Premium pH 10.0 Alkaline Water, Neo Water, Neo 9.5pH Alkaline Water and others.

Thousands if not millions of dollars are being spent to unsuspecting consumers, who in turn spend thousands themselves for these bottled “super” waters.

So, should you buy bottled alkaline water or not? The answer to this question is no. Don’t believe the marketing gimmicks. Here’s why.

Pure Water in Toxic Bottles

First, while bottled water makers say their brand of water is pure, they still put it in plastic bottles that release chemicals from the plastic into the water. Especially when they are stored in hot areas exposed to the sun.

All plastics are derived from petrochemicals, byproducts of the petroleum industry. Many petrochemicals like Phthalates and BPA are among the cancer-causing chemicals known to be present in foods and beverages stored in plastics.

Bottle alkaline water can absorb these petrochemicals. So, when you consume the liquid, you may also consume the chemicals. They disrupt the body’s endocrine system, interfering with the natural production of hormones. This can increase a person’s risk of cancer.

If you desire to drink clean alkaline water you want to do so because you’re aware of the toxins and chemicals in both tap water and bottled water, right?

Putting alkaline water in toxic plastic bottles defeats the purpose of drinking healthy alkaline water.

Ditch Bottled Alkaline Water, Make Alkaline Water Yourself

Second, alkaline ionized water is beneficial because of its ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) that makes it an antioxidant and its alkalinity (High pH-balance).

The antioxidant (the lower the ORP, the better) last approximately 18-24 hours. The Higher pH will last approximately 1-2 weeks. The smaller molecule cluster size of its water will last approximately 1-3 months.

So you see, bottling alkaline water makes no sense, because the antioxidant power is gone after 24 hours. The High pH after two weeks. Some bottled water makers put an expiration date on their bottled water and bottles.

While “expired” unopened bottled water isn’t going to do you any harm, it isn’t going to get better with age, either. The plastic that water is packaged in — usually polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for retail bottles and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for water cooler jugs — is slightly porous, so the water can pick up smells and tastes from the outside world. Keep a case of bottled water in the basement for a year or so and it’s going to pick up some interesting flavors. There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than a 2007 Evian, with hints of dust and a crisp kitty litter finish! – Matt Soniak (

Even if they would store alkaline water in glass bottles, it doesn’t matter because alkaline water doesn’t benefit you unless you drink it within the time frame stated above.

For best results for your health, avoid bottled alkaline water and drink your alkaline ionized water immediately after you pour it from your own alkaline water machine. Cheers.


elita-ct-700 non electric water ionizer

An excellent alternative to toxic bottled alkaline water

ēlita CT 700 Counter-top alkaline water filter

Water Ionizer (Non-Electric)
UltraWater Technology

The long-awaited New and Improved Elita CT 700 alkaline water ionizer (non-electric) are here. The Elita replaces the Ultrawater pHD Counter Top. They are equipped with UltraWater Filters. They are an excellent alternative to toxic bottled alkaline water

Fill your own non-toxic bottles with ionized alkaline water, and take it anywhere; to work, to parties. Safely bottle your alkaline ionized water in a glass bottle. This NEW Alkaviva UltraWater filter ionizes, alkalizes and mineralizes drinking water any where and at any time — Just Plug It In!

The Elita CT 700 UltraWater Counter Top Filter is a Green, Eco-friendly Alkaline Water Filter! No chemicals leaching into your water from harmful plastics. Elita is made from safe, stable, BPA-free material (LDPE #4), and NSF certified materials. The filter uses an absolute minimal amount of plastic and can be recycled.


Alkaline Bottled Water InfoGraphic

Download the large version: Alkaline Bottled Water infoGraphic Large

Infographic on alkaline bottled water


  1. How long can alkaline water be kept.

    Why I said that because I have a portable alkaline stick that can ionised water between 7.8 to 9 ph. I usually keep the water with the stick in a BPA free bottle over night before transferring the ioniszed water only to another bottle.

    Question : Can the transferred water be kept ionised or the alkalinity of the water say for more that 8hr.


  2. HealthAlkaline says

    Hi Charles:
    Alkaline water sticks only raise pH. No electrolysis takes place and therefore no ionization.
    If there’s no ionization, there’s no Oxidation reduction potential (negative ORP) which gives it its anti-oxidant benefits.
    What alkaline sticks do provide is a high pH, which last about 2 weeks.
    Read more about alkaline water tubes and sticks here:

  3. John F Kohler says

    I just came from a large “natural food ” trade show where lots of alkaline water
    was being pitched. As I was skeptical, I checked with you. Thanks for the information!

  4. HealthAlkaline says

    Thanks John, Glad this was helpful to you.

  5. I go to the whole food store to buy my alkaline water out the machine in a 2 gallon jug NO BAP jug. So how long will the water be good to drink? If it don’t last no more than 24 hrs did I’m wasting money on this water please respond to this question thanks

  6. HealthAlkaline says

    Hi Angie,
    Depending how long the water’s been on the store shelf, it probably lost it antioxidant potential. If the ionized alkaline water is made right at your purchase, you should drink it within 24 hrs to enjoy your investment. Of course the water is still good to drink, but it wouldn’t be alkaline, ionized water after 24hrs.

    Here’s what the article stated:

    The antioxidant (the lower the ORP, the better) last approximately 18-24 hours.

    The Higher pH will last approximately 1-2 weeks.

    The smaller molecule cluster size of its water will last approximately 1-3 months.

    So you see, bottling alkaline water makes no sense, because the antioxidant power is gone after 24 hours. The High pH after two weeks.

  7. We have been using Nestle Water in bottles, than refill them from our tap water, which we were filtering with Brita Water filters and we reuse those bottles 4-5 times, than recyle.

    However, now we are wishing to switch to complete alkaline water and have friends with a Santivia Water Filter system that uses rocks and the filter needs to be replaced after a while. Is this alkaline water better or it is better to have this machine …. there are a few on the market and we need more information. Hope you can shed some light on the brands, the best options and I understand that as a company you would need to represent your own brand, but I respect the information that I have gathered on your site and feel more informed and would be greatly appreciated to help us move to better choice. I know there are a few questions and concerns and hope you can be helpful. Much appreciated!

  8. HealthAlkaline says

    Hi Julie, I understand your request wanted to learn more about water filtration and which options for ionized alkaline water would be best for you. I will give some links to follow as much of your questions will answered in them.
    You are absolutely right about ditching the Nestle bottles as their plastics may contain the dangerous BPA and BPS chemical compounds which are known to cause cancer. Also of tap water we cannot be sure of its trustworthiness as many toxins like chlorine and fluoride are left in them, and they are depleted of essential minerals. The Brita filter adds one layer of protection as it removes the chlorine to add better taste of your drinking water. Brita uses a carbon filter to achieve that. Santevia’s largest filter, in addition to having a carbon filter is four times better than Brita, because it has four more stages of filtration that add alkalizing minerals to the filtered tap. While Santevia’s water may be alkaline (meaning higher pH), it may not be ionized alkaline water. (Please note: That any water with essential minerals will have a slightly higher pH, whether it’s void of microscopic contamination or not.)

    Alkaline Water can be achieved by adding minerals in the filtration process, which gives it a higher pH.

    Ionized Alkaline Water is achieved through electrolysis. This process restructures the water to smaller hydrating molecules that hydrate your body at cellular levels. It also has a higher antioxidant potential. For this you need a water ionizer. You are right about the fact that there are many water ionizer brands on the market, but your best bet is to ask which one has the superior water filtration built in. What good is it, if the ionized alkaline water isn’t void of toxins, chemicals, and such? Learn about what to look for before buying one:

    UltraWater combines superior water filtration and ionization in one, giving you clean, healthy, best tasting drinking water.


  9. Hi there, thank you for your information… great to find people who speak truth… I have a question for you… after viewing the Alkaviva water system, I see it can be pretty pricey… not sure if I am willing to take that step yet if there are other systems out there that offer the same… What is your opinion on the Vyv Pitcher? It addresses the same two important areas of water filtration that the Alkaviva does…

    Thanks in advance,


  10. HealthAlkaline says

    Hi Dee,

    The familiar adage applies here, “you get what you pay for.” Our machines are premium water ionizers manufactured in collaboration with Emco Tech. We stand by our products and we are proud of them as thousands are enjoying the peace of mind of owning one. We don’t want the cost to be a hindrance for potential customers like you, that’s why we setup several ways you can get financing, please visit these links:

    To Get Started Call Us: (775) 324-2400 Use Distributor ID: 10342

    pH and negative ORP are pretty easy to produce. All one has to do is add alkalizing minerals to the filter, which is what Vitev has done. In fact, all alkaline water pitchers do that. What’s worse is that these water pitchers don’t clean the water effectively, because they only use a carbon medium to filter the water, which only adds better taste. So you will be drinking good tasting dirty alkaline water.

    Our Difference

    What’s different about Alkaviva UltraWater is that our filters remove all contaminants to scientifically non-detectable levels. So your water will not only be alkaline, but also healthy and clean. More info and EPA Certified test results here:

    Our UltraWater alkaline filter is MADE IN THE USA and Patent-pending. The fact is, there are no other products like Alkaviva UltraWater filters and Water Ionizers.

  11. What is the difference between the elita 700 and the more expensive models ( besides the price).

  12. HealthAlkaline says

    Hi Bill,
    The Elita is non-electric and equipped with our patented Ultrawater. It is slightly alkalized through alkaline water minerals. Our Electric water ionizers have both, but with better alkalinity that can be controlled at different levels based on your preference. They also produce acidic water that can used for external used only, read more here:

  13. Jayne Hayward says

    My dad now has secondary cancer and I want him to have the best chance in fighting back naturally.

    I’m aware of plastic leaching and want to know if there’s an appliance to filter out the harmful chemicals from the tap water and alkalize the ph level that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in the container itself.

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