Scientist Explains Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water

hydrogen rich ionized alkaline waterWhat’s the story of hydrogen in ionized alkaline water, molecular hydrogen, and hydrogen pills or tablets? Welcome to the hydrogen movement. From this article you will learn the positive impact hydrogen-rich alkaline water can have on your overall health. So, allow us to introduce to you Tyler LeBaron, who will explain to you the benefits of molecular hydrogen in ionized water.

In 2007 hydrogen, after much scientific research was shown to have incredible therapeutic benefits. From hydrogen, the first element in the periodic table spawned every other element. When hydrogen reacts with oxygen, we get life-giving water. Hydrogen is really the beginning of life on earth. And yet today, hydrogen again is at the forefront but this time in biomedical and anti-aging research.

In More than 400 types of publications, including 30 plus human studies have shown molecular hydrogen to be therapeutic in essentially every organ of the human body in over 140 human disease models. (See All the Research Here.)

What Is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen gas or diatomic molecular hydrogen is the chemical formula H2. It is the smallest molecule in the universe, about have the size of oxygen. This gives it a higher cellular bio-availability above any other supplement, drug or nutriceutical. Molecular Hydrogen can rapidly diffuse deep into all the human body cells and mitochondria, as well as easily pass through the blood brain barrier. Molecular Hydrogen, is not bound to any other compound, but it’s free and independently available. Water for instance, has bound hydrogen that is connected to the oxygen (H2O). But hydrogen gas on the other hand is available hydrogen H2 where the hydrogen are only bound to each other. It’s this gascious form of hydrogen that is dissolved in the water. Why is this so important and what does mean for you?

Diseases and Molecular Hydrogen

Well, you understand that the rates of cardiovascular disease, the diabetes, obesity and many neurological disorders such as autism, ADD, depression, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and others are extremely high in our society today. So the need for a safe and natural anti-aging remedy that brings the body back to homeostasis has never been greater.

Scientific research on molecular hydrogen suggests that this long forgotten molecule may in fact be the key to the revolution of health and wellness.

So How Does Molecular Hydrogen Work?

Human, animal, and cell studies shows that this hydrogen exerts beneficial effects via three primary methods.

  1. It instantaneously converts the toxic hydroxil radicals in your body to water
  2. It maintains the homeostatic levels of our body’s own antioxidants
  3. It also has a beneficial effect on cell signaling, cell metabolism, and gene expression, which gives it anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, and anti-aging effects.

To be very clear about this, H2 molecular hydrogen gas is NOT a foreign substance. It isn’t and doesn’t function like a drug or pharmaceutical that are foreign and alien to your body. In fact, after a fiber-rich meal our gut bacteria produces a large amount of this hydrogen gas which diffuses into the blood and exerts many beneficial effects which is another reason why your Mom was right and told you to, “Eat your vegetables because they are good for you.”

According to the research, drinking water that contains solubilized hydrogen gas is often the most effective way the deliver hydrogen to the body, and interestingly enough it is also the oldest method — It is nature’s way. What’s more, recent investigations of healing springs in places like Japan, Mexico and India show that these waters are therapeutic because they contain dissolved hydrogen gas.

Think about it. It makes sense because hydrogen has been so intimately involved in the origins of life that it would still benefit us today. Perhaps this is why we naturally developed a symbiotic relationship with the H2 producing bacteria in our gut. And also why nature produced springs rich in hydrogen gas, to benefit creation. Indeed, this hydrogen appears to be benefiting all of forms of life, including plants.

This is not another health fad, that are usually void of scientific studies. PubMed has many research articles by the scientific medical community on hydrogen water or you can visit Molecular Hydrogen Institute to learn more. Notable publications like the Journals Nature and Science have also published research on hydrogen gas.

Ionized Alkaline Water

With a new understanding of the active role of hydrogen gas, we are now better able to understand why thousands of people have benefited from ionized alkaline water. Ionized alkaline water is produced through electrolysis, which decomposes water to available oxygen gas and hydrogen gas, which the hydrogen then dissolves into the water. It was previously thought that ionized water was beneficial because of microclustering and the free electrons in the water. But it is now widely recognized that hydrogen gas is the real secret of ionized water. Research has also shown the removal of hydrogen gas in ionized water actually eliminates the benefits and addition of extra hydrogen gas to the ionized water increases the therapeutic benefits.

Since we now know that hydrogen gas is responsible for the benefits of ionized alkaline water, it becomes possible to optimize and design a portable health product that produces super saturated levels of available hydrogen gas. In fact recently, in mid 2014 a company named Alkaviva after months and months of tests, measurements, and chemistry calculations, the ultimate hydrogen pills/tablets were finally created, H2Viva Hydrogen Pills/Tablets. This is a proprietary formula that is only available from Alkaviva.

Tyler LebaronTyler LeBaron is the founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute (MHI), and one of the foremost authority in the science of hydration. He is recognized worldwide as one the top leaders and expert on molecular hydrogen. Tyler LeBaron has a degree in Biochemistry and is currently an adjunct instructor of physiology at the Brigham Young University-Idaho. His areas of expertise are Molecular Hydrogen, Molecular Cell biology, organic and inorganic chemistry. He is an affiliate member of the American Chemical Society and has been published in the American Chemical Society division, The Journal of Chemical Education.

If you own an Alkaviva water ionizer you already have lots of dissolved molecular hydrogen gas in your water, but adding these hydrogen pills to your ionized alkaline water can increase the therapeutic benefits of your drinking water.

If you don’t have a water ionizer, makes sure you use the cleanest mineral water to add the H2Viva hydrogen pill to. We recommend Alkaviva UltraWater filters like the Elita CT-700 Counter Top.

How to Use Hydrogen Pills

  • Put one tablet to 500 ml of water (preferrably clean and healthy UltraWater),
  • Wait 10-15 min for reaction to complete, and drink.

Just one of these hydrogen pills produces a hydrogen concentration of 2 to 4 ppm (parts per million), which increases dissolved hydrogen content making your water about 6 to 8 times more hydrating.

So you can also add it to your ionized water produced for a water ionizer to increase therapeutic benefits.

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