Parents, Kids and Ionized Alkaline Water

It’s so important we teach our children the importance of drinking alkaline ionized water!  Unfortunately, most kids – when given a choice – choose soda, sports drinks, or sugary fruit juice to quench their thirst.

So what’s a parent to do in order to discourage bad beverage choices?

1. Educate them about the benefits of drinking water.

They were educated by endless commercials about soda’s and other sugary beverages, so teach them about alkaline water. Kids are curious about all kinds of things. When they learn about the harm sugar does to their body and how much better alkaline water is, they will adapt. Don’t under estimate them.

The best thing to do with young children is to not addict them to sodas in the first place. Once children taste sugars and get sugar highs, they will always want more of it. And that makes it more difficult as a parent to gently detox them from sodas and sugary drinks.

2. Offer no options — either for yourself or your family members!

Lead the way. If your thirsty kids can’t find their favorite cola stocked in the ‘fridge or canisters of powdered iced tea mix in the kitchen cabinet, they’ll drink water, and so will you. Set the example for the kids in your family and drink water whenever you’re thirsty.

Under adult supervision, let your older children do a science experiment using reagent drops to test their favorite drinks. (Remember how fascinated you were when you first saw the magic of reagent drops?) Teach them about acidity and its harmful effects on the body and encourage them to drink alkaline, ionized water.

3. Positive Healthy Peer Pressure

Give them space on the kitchen counter to show their friends how reagent drops work – they’ll have fun while learning and teaching the importance of drinking healthy, life-enhancing water.

As an added bonus, you can be sure their parents will be hearing about the amazing alkaline water machine your family has on its kitchen counter…

If you have toddlers or preschoolers, buy fun-shaped ice cube trays in which to freeze alkaline ionized water.  Let your little ones float them in their water bottles along with colorful slices of orange and/or lemon-they’ll love it!

Best of all, never introduce your children to soda, sports drinks, or other sugary beverages in the first place.  They’ll be healthier and happier without it!

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