How to Lose Weight Fast with Alkaline Diet Foods

how to lose weight fastAre you frustrated with your weight? People try strict diet plans, starvation diets to lose weight fast and even punishing exercise routines without ever getting the results they dream about.

The truth is that shedding pounds is easy.

If you feel uneasy, uncomfortable and even embarrassed being seen in a bathing suit then chances are that dropping extra pounds this summer would make a huge difference in your life.

Why don’t people move closer to their ideal weight by getting the body that would make them proud? A lack of determination because of blame. People blame things like a lack of time, money, motivation and will-power for their failure to look after their health and lose weight.

Here are 5 powerful insights that hopefully should help you lose weight fast and get you to your ideal weight automatically. Would you like that?

5 Ways That Could Help You Lose Weight Fast Without Extreme Diets

Some people worry about what they can and cannot eat, what they should and shouldn’t cook, whether they should have breakfast or skip it. Research indicates that your ‘weight worries’ will never end until you understand what makes permanent weight loss possible and achievable.

#1: Avoid the Unrealistic Goals of Perfection.

Let’s face it, you will make mistakes. You don’t live in a perfect world and you can’t eat perfect all the time. You are always going to be either too busy, too tired, too distracted or too ‘whatever’ to eat healthy and nutritious meals. Those who aim at perfection fail miserably, they crash and burn never achieving their ideal weight. That’s why we recommend the 80/20 alkaline diet and water-rich alkalizing foods that fine tune and reset ‘fat genes’ in your body!

#2: Draw Up a Realistic Weight loss Plan.

It’s been said before those who fail to plan, plan to fail. You’re constantly on the go, your life is busy and you don’t always have access to good food choices. That’s why you need to plan in advance. For 5 minutes, each night, think about where you will be and what you will do the next day. Perhaps it makes sense to prepare your meals the night before. Don’t leave this to chance. The Alkaline Cookbook gives you a simple to follow step-by-step ‘strategy’ to help you plan your meals and munchies in advance. It helps you make smart eating choices on any budget without having “master chef” experience!

#3: Prepare Your Weight loss Vision.

You can’t move forward until you first know where you are. What is your diet like today? Do you starve yourself in the morning thinking that makes you lose weight faster? Do you eat on the run or miss meals during the day in preparation for a night-time pig out? Do you eat enough healthy foods throughout the day?

There is only one (accurate) way to find out – you need to start a DIET JOURNAL. Keeping a diet journal will help you understand what your diet is really like. All facts – no guesswork. Try it for the next week! Simply record the foods you eat and at what times you eat them. That will open your eyes to what you must stop eating and what you should start eating more of. Easy. Give it a try!

#4: Avoid Acid-Forming Foods.

Some foods really slow your body’s metabolism down, they include: trans fats, saturated fats, simple sugars, highly processed foods and refined carbohydrates, these foods are acid-forming and clog, pollute and slow your body down. They hamper your body’s calories burning power and toxins removing abilities. Acid stops the growth and proper development of your body, organs, tissues, and cells. First, it pollutes your system. Then, it stops oxygen and nutrients from reaching your cells, organs and tissue. For fast and healthy weight loss aim for alkalizing foods that cleanse, detoxify and energize your body.

#5: Get off the 50/50 diet.

Following the 50/50 diet you’ll never achieve your healthy weight loss, well-being and fitness goals Instead, you will end up jumping from one diet plan on to the next without getting the fast weight loss results you want.

What’s a 50/50 diet? It’s simply eating good foods 50 percent of the time and eating bad foods the rest of the time. You can blame your lacks of time, will-power and money for your inability to make smart eating choices but the truth is that you probably don’t have a PLAN that makes healthy eating simple, easy, affordable and fun.

Losing weight fast doesn’t have to be frustrating if you follow these 5 ways to help you lose weight fast. Stop counting calories and simply start making smart eating choices!

We can offer you with the following healthy eating option to help you make smart eating choices more often:

The Alkaline Cookbook

The Alkaline Cook Book contains over 84 easy-to-make recipes to help busy people maintain vitality and good health by restoring the body’s critical acid-alkaline balance. The Alkaline Cookbook is your guide towards healthier eating and life. It makes it easy for you to know what you should eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in between to stay healthy. This priceless guide will help you make smart eating choices that nourish your brain and energize and cleanse your body from the inside out!

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