Healthiest Diet for Slimming Up: The Alkaline Diet

the alkaline dietAmerica is probably the most obese nation in the world, which is the reason why there are so many diets on the market, one diet claiming to be healthier than the other. I have done one of them, the MediFast Weight loss Plan and lost 20 pounds in one month with little exercise, it was good and I’m happy I did it. It was also a great jump-start towards the alkaline diet which is a beautiful change of the way you eat. We call the alkaline diet, the health alkaline lifestyle.

Unlike many diets which are grueling, to say the least and are more like starvation diets with hardly any natural organic foods included, the alkaline diet is deliciously nutritious. Plus it’s the only diet that balances your body pH level boosting your immune system. It is the only diet that helps fight off diseases. So besides becoming slim and able to wear those tight jeans again, you are also balanced and healthy.

The alkaline diet is easy to understand, eat more alkaline foods and eat less acidic foods. Simple.

One thing you should educate yourself in is, which foods are alkaline and alkaline-forming and which are acidic and acid-forming. Not all alkaline foods are alkaline-forming and not all acidic foods are acid-forming.

To start here’s a quick alkaline foods list.

The key in the alkaline diet is to follow a diet plan consisting of 60% to 80% more alkaline food and 20% to 40% acidic foods (depending of how acidic you are). This is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Eating alkaline foods can lower the acidity level in your body and can also help you prevent diseases.

The foods that are considered alkaline are in the fruits and vegetables category. Meats, breads and pastas, and sugars are acidic. They are addictive foods, try to reduce your intake of them.

Eating overly acidic foods can lead to chronic health issues, while an alkaline diet helps energize you and boost your immune system. Some of the signs of an overly acid diet can include fatigue, gum and teeth issues, being susceptible to viruses, joint pains, and even premature aging.

One of many benefits of the alkaline diet lifestyle is the promotion of proper cell functioning in the body. If the body cells aren’t functioning properly, they are ineffective at delivering oxygen throughout the body. This can result in overall fatigue and a lack of energy. Body cells need to be able to absorb the nutrients they need for a healthy body and being acidic prevents this. When cells are healthy they are also efficient at eliminating acid-waste out of the body, instead of storing them in fat cells.

So, if body cells are weakened in any way because of a poor diet, they are not nearly as effective at the health functions they are designed to perform. If the body’s pH is too acidic, cells cannot function at their optimal degree at defending against diseases.

The alkaline diet provides the greatest energy, healthy weight loss, reduces joint pain, create enhanced mental clarity, and provide you with more control over addictive behavior of especially sugar. Living the health alkaline lifestyle is easy. Make some minor changes to your lifestyle today, including:

  • Shop for a more variety of vegetable and fruits
  • Shop for Organically grown (non GMO) foods at your local farmers market
  • Reduce the meat intake (You don’t have to go Vegan, unless you want to.)
  • Quit drinking soda and alcohol, completely.
  • Drink fruits juices from organic (non GMO) fruits
  • Drink more ionized alkaline water
  • Be creative! Make your own alkaline recipes.

The Alkaline Diet Lifestyle has already helped thousands of people to lose weight, and be healthier. Check out our alkaline cookbook, which is chock-full of alkaline foods recipes and an expanded alkaline food chart.

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