Gout Pain in Women After Menopause

Gout after menopauseGout pain not only attacks men. In fact, a survey released on Gout Awareness Day May 22, shows 60 Percent of women experienced three or more gout pain flares per year and 91 Percent considered their gout pain to be chronic or severe.

For women, the risk of getting gout pain increases after menopause. The survey results reveal that women in the age range of menopause are greatly impacted by gout pain. In fact, among the women surveyed, gout attacks are mostly chronic and severe and greatly impact quality of life.

Gout Pain Facts From the Gout Awareness Survey


    • Of the 451 female respondents, 150 had experienced gout. Over half of these women (51.3 percent) had more than three flares in one year and 45.3 percent went to the emergency room due to pain caused by flares. Eighty-seven percent of these women said their gout was chronic and severe. Eighty percent of this group sought help from a healthcare professional and 76 percent were prescribed medication, yet only 40.7 percent were utilizing medication at time of survey. Seventy-five percent utilized non-prescription intervention and 65.3 percent made lifestyle changes. Gout interfered with various aspects of their lives due to pain, with most common responses including exercise, driving and family activities.


    • Sixty-two percent of respondents said they had a family member or friend who had three or more gout flares in one year; 42.6 percent of those sufferers experienced tophi. Ninety percent of respondents were concerned about the long term consequences of gout, and 72 percent said the condition impacts family activities.


  • Quality of life is negatively affected by gout. Limits the condition puts on everyday activity (e.g., walking up stairs, executing household chores) were most bothersome to survey participants; sleep disturbances and exhaustion from gout-related pain were also cited as diminishing quality of life.

The survey was conducted online at www.redhotmamas.org by Red Hot Mamas North America, Inc. between the dates of April 4 and May 8, 2012. There were 585 people who initiated the survey, and 543 people who completed the survey (451 females and 92 males). Survey participants were in the following age ranges: 65+ (5.3 percent); 50-65 (72.6 percent); 40-49 (18 percent); <40 (4.1 percent).

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