From Melanoma Skin Cancer to Wellness

Kristine Matheson the author of " From Cancer to Wellness, The forgotten Secrets"

Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer and been told to “go home and get your affairs in order?” The following is an incredible real testimony from Kristine who was cleared from Stage 4 Melanoma cancer due to the alkaline diet’s high alkaline foods. We hope her survival will encourage you to fight if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

If it wasn’t for rich alkaline foods Kristine would be dead.

In 2005, the 59-year-old mother from “the down under” was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma cancer. Kristine had tumors on her lungs and neck, plus one behind her heart. Doctors told Kristine she had only 12 months to live and sent her home to get her affairs in order.

However, against all odds this former ballroom dancer from Australia’s Gold Coast decided to alkalize her body to give herself a fighting chance for longevity. Her husband had beaten testicular and lymphatic cancer and she was determined to beat Stage 4 Melanoma too.

Kristine stocked her kitchen full of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts, then set aside the doctor’s fearful message of dying.

We’ll let Kristine take it from here, here’s Kristine:

“I had a melanoma taken off my back in 2002. The doctor called me by phone the next day and said he wanted to make sure he had it all removed, so I went back and had what was missed of the melanoma eliminated. This time he said he got everything, but he never warned me I was at risk of Stage 4 Melanoma.”

“Three years later we went through financial difficulties and my Husband’s Gold Coast construction business began to implode, the stress of which, may have triggered the re-emergence of the cancer.”

“I ended up being diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma and was given 12 months to live.”

As she and her husband struggled to come to terms with her death sentence, their business continued to implode. “The pressure of being in the building industry was unbelievable. When we got to 2004-2005, we owed a lot of money.”

“When the oncologist said I only had 12 months, I said to myself that I’m not supposed to die now. I sat back and realized I still had the knowledge of nutrition I had accumulated back in the 1980s when I’d had chronic fatigue, plus there was my husband’s experience with cancer and the healthcare professionals and naturopaths that I’d met.”

Kristine was convinced that unless she changed her lifestyle, she would not survive. Her story is truly miraculous, she refused to give up, and in 3 months she took control of her cancer naturally, with no chemo, no radiation and no surgery. 7 years later, I am alive and kicking and still 100% cancer free!

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and been told by your doctor to get your affairs in order, Kristine story should give you a glimmer of hope. To help others she put the alkaline foods and recipes in book. You may not get the same results she did, but it sure gives you a fighting chance.



From Cancer To Wellness The Forgotten Secrets
By Kristine Matheson

Cancer to Wellness Book

This book contains: An easy to use commonsense practical guide to beat cancer. A step-by-step 28 day simple self-help nutritional program. Includes over 50 tasty easy to prepare RECIPES. Important Lifestyle Guidelines. Helpful steps to harness the power within you. This book outlines the healing journey of Kristine Matheson.

“Learn Kristine’s unique disease fighting methods and her balanced approach to nutrition and life skills as this amazing self help book ’empowers you’ to improve your own health”


This insightful book contains information on:

  • Disease cause and effect!
  • The effects of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, fats and oils!
  • Your Ph levels, is your body acid or alkaline and how can certain waters assist your health?
  • Why should we eat organically grown foods and why is organic better for us?
  • Food additives and chemicals in our homes, what to look out for and how to avoid them!
  • Digestion and nutrient absorption, simple rules when eating!
  • The candida and parasite connection and the effective cleansing program!
  • Making food your medicine and which natural herbs can help?
  • Program for life, the 28 day step by step, detox self help guide, it is easy!
  • The optimum daily program and nutritional supplements, which ones to take!
  • Sprouting for health, which seeds, legumes and nuts are beneficial and how to do it!

This book also contains information on:

Over 55 unique food and drink recipes that are easy to prepare and full of goodness!
Exercise, personal training, core training and why these are essential for good health!
Safer and natural personal care and home cleaning products!
And much more…


“The Bad News is – Cancer is a Reality. The Good News is – CANCER CAN BE BEATEN!”

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