Facts About Alkaline Water Tubes and Sticks

alkaline water tubesCan you make ionized alkaline water by placing alkaline water tubes in your water? The manufacturer claims the minerals stuffed in the tubes can make your water alkaline. But what is ionized alkaline water really? Can you make it without the electrolysis process of a water ionizer? Well let’s see…

Ionized Alkaline Water is the result of mild electrolysis which takes place in a water ionizer. (Electrolysis of water is the decomposition of water (H2O) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen gas (H2) due to an electric current being passed through the water. Source: Wikipedia). In the water ionizer the tap water is split into 2 streams, one alkaline, the other acidic. Alkaline water has more Oxygen and less hydrogen – one oxygen atom for every one hydrogen (OH) whereas tap water has two hydrogen atoms (H2O), the more hydrogen, the more acid. Ionized alkaline water is also called reduced water. This cannot occur without electrolysis, a process alkaline water tubes do not have.

What’s special about ionized alkaline water is the high negative ORP measurement: Oxidation Reduction Potential. This is what gives it its anti-oxidant body repairing power. This also happen via electrolysis, alkaline water sticks do not provide a negative ORP.

Facts about alkaline water tubes or sticks

  • They don’t filter your water.
  • They don’t ionize the water
  • They don’t have Anti-Oxidant power
  • They don’t oxygenate your water (Micro-clustering of the water) to increase hydration potential

High pH level may mean the water is alkaline, but it doesn’t mean that it’s ionized. Alkaline water sticks or alkaline water tubes use alkaline minerals to alkaline the water.

Fact: All high mineral water will have a higher pH level than regular tap water because of the alkaline minerals.

The alkaline water tube sticks manages to do only one thing, which is raising the pH of the water by 2 points — From 7 pH to 9 pH.

What you in fact have when you use an alkaline tube is high pH mineral water. It is not to be confused with Ionized alkaline water from an Alkaviva Ionizer.

Furthermore, alkaline water tubes and sticks contradicts the water flow of nature. Naturally high mineral water is organically created through streams, i.e. the water flows down mountains, gets filtered by rocks and sands streaming further through rivers teeming with life. With an alkaline water tube that natural flow doesn’t exist. Even with a household water filter there’s a flow to the water, it comes through your tap and passes through the water filters. To purify water you have to have movement–flow. Alkaline tubes just sit in the water. The same goes for ionized alkaline water, it’s created through electrolysis. It has to move through electrodes that separates it to two streams, one alkalized water and the other acidic water. Again alkaline water tubes don’t do that.

alkaline water ionizer vesta samsung

What You Get From a Water Ionizer

What you get from an alkaline water ionizer is the exact opposite from alkaline water tubes. Ionized alkaline water from an AlkaViva water ionizer has a higher pH, has anti-oxidant power and is filtered mineral ultra-water. Alkaline water tubes are cheap, but owning your own water ionizer is an important health investment that will benefit you and your family for a lifetime.

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