Diabetes Diet and Food: Fighting Diabetes Symptoms

Your diet could worsen your Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Have you ever wondered why you feel so poorly all the time? Are you ready to make lifestyle changes to fight diabetes symptoms… but you are unsure where to begin?


diabetes diet foodDan and Sally Roman inform on the critical mistakes diabetics make with food. They have personally fought and overcome diabetes in their family and you are sure to benefit from their wealth of knowledge.


What’s their secret? The alkaline lifestyle for diabetics. If you are suffering from diabetes you can implement their advise immediately and get the same results they did with the health alkaline lifestyle.


Sally tells her touching heart-warming story in detail in the video below.



Order the Diabetes Alkaline Lifestyle Home Study Course to Fight Diabetes.


Natural approaches to treating diabetes have been proven to work over a long period of time and have shown an incredible success rate. Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, equipped with the proper information you will be able to make well-informed decisions for your health.


"During our journey with diabetes, we’ve learned that there is much conflicting information about food and its importance in managing diabetes, especially Type 1 Diabetes. Let us clearly state, we are convinced that food plays a vital role in managing ALL types of diabetes. This goes against what nearly all type 1 diabetics are told at time of diagnosis, but we maintain that it does not go against common sense. What we eat affects our blood glucose levels and therefore affects disease management." — Sally Roman


They believe diabetics make critical mistakes people make with food in managing their diabetes symptoms. They equip you with a non-traditional but evidence-based perspective so you can make better-informed decisions for your health. Not only do they describe why it is that certain foods are killing you, Dan and Sally also provide you with a framework that can guide you to a lifestyle that will put your body in a position of strength to protect, preserve, and even restore your health.


Here’s some mistakes diabetics make in fighting diabetes symptoms:


Mistake 1: Diet Doesn’t Matter
Mistake 2: To Carb or Not to Carb, That’s Not The Question
Mistake 3: Dairy is D-licious for Vitamin D and Calcium
Mistake 4: Pour A Little Sweetener On It, It’s Not Sugar.
Mistake 5: Nuts and Seeds Are For Birds Not Me


And many other harmful beliefs about diabetes can worsen the disease.



Alkaline Lifestyle Video for Diabetes Diet



Book: pH Miracle for Diabetes by Dr. Robert Young


Are you serious about fighting diabetes symptoms? Then review these tools and weapons to add to your arsenal.


Other Resources in fighting diabetes of Type 1 or Type 2


Strategies and Techniques Home Workshop Kit
Diabetes Alkaline Lifestyle – Home Study Course


The home study version of our interactive Strategies and Techniques Workshop will give you…


  • A foundation upon which to build a healthy, alkaline lifestyle to manage all types of diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.
  • Equips you with practical, proven strategies to make a disciplined diet and exercise routine a priority in the management of diabetes.
  • Healthy strategies may help you to stabilize blood glucose and perhaps even stop potential long term disease progression.
  • We will help you find the “livable zone” within a diabetic alkaline lifestyle to achieve long term success and sustainability.


A Doctor’s Testimony


“I have known Dan and Sally Roman for nearly a year now. They are extremely friendly and decent people. I support their alkaline methodology and am the referral physician for the advocates of that system. I’ve seen myself how effective the program can be for Type 1 diabetic patients–it significantly lowers their glucose levels, reduces or removes insulin needs, and some TIDM peds patients have become antibody negative. The Roman’s alkaline program is a valid alternative for Type 1 patients to investigate.” – Dr. Mona Morstein, N.D. Faculty Chair of Nutrition, Clinical Supervisor, Associate Professor, and Professor of Gastroenterology, Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center


Order the Diabetes Alkaline Lifestyle Home Study Course to Fight Diabetes.


This valuable live recorded home study by Dan and Sally Roman includes eight recorded topical sessions and a food preparation demonstration. The session topics are as follows:


  • Introduction
  • How the Diabetic Alkaline Lifestyle Works – getting equipped for the adventure by learning the fundamental components of your new lifestyle
  • Getting Organized – kitchen and home organization, exercise and a daily routine, including meal planning, shopping tips and money-saving ideas
  • Finding a Quarterback – what to look for in a doctor, how to work with them, lab testing and more
  • Developing a Support System – working with family, extended family, friends, school and more
  • Improving Health – liquid feast, reducing insulin needs, precautions and expectations
  • Special Events and Holidays – creative ideas for holidays, celebrations and options for dining out
  • Is it Worth It? – how to persevere, sharing experiences, final words of encouragement
  • Food Prep Demonstration – recipe and food substitution review, select Health-e-Solutions recipe demonstrations, spices, flavoring, sweeteners and more


diabetes diet foodOur goal is to teach you the essential components of living a successful diabetic, alkaline lifestyle; what to expect, how to get started, how to apply it in the real world, and much more.


By the end of the workshop you will be prepared and inspired to implement a sustainable strategy that may curtail or perhaps even reverse the effects and progression of your diabetes – even type 1!


Order the Diabetes Alkaline Lifestyle Home Study Course to Fight Diabetes.