Crohns and Alkaline Foods: Fighting Crohn’s Disease

crohns diseaseOur tree trimming service guy just shared with us the adversity he and his wife are facing. In a terrible economy where his customers are not honoring their contract for work he did for them, his wife is in the hospital recuperating from a liver transplant. You can imagine how stressful their life is right now. She needed a liver transplant due to her Crohn’s disease. The medication to treat the Crohn’s disease poisoned her liver. See, what happened is that these prescribed medical drugs for Crohn’s disease have many side-effects. She needed more medicine just to treat side-effects of those prescription drugs. As a result it killed her liver.

After suggesting immediately changing her diet with alkaline foods, we prayed for him and healing for his wife in Jesus’ name.

What is Crohn’s Disease?

Crohn’s is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes inflammation of the lining of your digestive system, which can lead to flare-ups. For the more than half a million American men and women who have been diagnosed with Crohn’s, inflammation is at the root of their symptoms. The causes of Crohn’s disease are unknown.

Alkaline Food Diet for Crohn’s Disease

There’s no evidence that what you eat actually causes Crohn’s. But some foods and beverages can aggravate Crohn’s symptoms. When Crohn’s disease is active, certain foods may cause more discomfort than others.

Here are a few tips that could help:

  • Limit dairy products
  • Try alkaline forming foods
  • Experiment with fiber
  • Avoid acid forming foods
  • Consider taking multivitamins or alkaline supplements.
  • Avoid “gassy” foods
  • Eat smaller meals
  • Drink plenty of liquids, green juices and ionized alkaline water.

Poor absorption and loss of appetite often associated with Crohn’s disease may deprive your body of essential nutrients. If you’re not getting proper nutrition or not absorbing nutrients, you are not giving your immune system the balance it needs to fight of Crohn’s inflammation.

This is why an alkaline diet is so essential.

Inflammation in the Colon is an immune system and over-acidity problem so reduce acid foods dramatically and consume high alkaline foods. To know if your body is too acidic (Do a pH Test), then increase your intake of alkaline food.

The ideal acid-alkaline ratio in the alkaline diet for optimal health and balance is about 80% alkaline-forming foods and 20% acid-forming foods, according to Dr. Ragnar Berg.

Tip: If you are suffering from Crohns consume plenty of Organic Fig juice, green juices of all green vegetables and tops, carrots, beet, celery, pineapple and citrus juices.

A few suggestions to start with:
(Tables of alkaline acid foods with an approximate potential acidity or alkalinity, per one ounce of food)

Alkaline-Forming Foods
Based on consumption of 1 ounce
Figs 30.0 Pineapple 2.0
Molasses 18.0 Coconut 2.0
Olives (green or ripe) 16.0 Pomegranate 2.0
Lima beans 12.0 Beans, baked 2.0
Soybeans 12.0 Nectarines 1.8
Apricots (dried) 9.5 Cabbage 1.8
Turnip or beet greens 8.0 Cherries 1.8
Spinach 8.0 Sauerkraut 1.7
Dandelion greens 8.0 Grapefruit 1.7
Mustard greens 8.0 Tomatoes 1.7
Raisins 7.0 Radish 1.7
Kale 7.0 Currents (dried) 1.7
Swiss chard 5.0 Cauliflower 1.5
Almond 3.6 Lemon 1.6
Parsnips 3.6 String beans 1.6
Carrots 3.5 Peaches 1.5
Beets 3.5 Mushrooms 1.2
Dates 3.0 Squash 1.0
Celery 2.5 Watermelon 1.0
Rutabaga 2.5 Grapes 1.0
Endives 2.2 Buttermilk 0.7
Cantaloupe 2.2 Whole milk 0.5
Lettuce 2.2 Millet 0.5
Parsley 2.2 Brazil nuts 0.5
Watercress 2.0 Buckwheat 0.5
Apricots (fresh) 2.0 Onions 0.4
Potatoes (sweet, white) 2.0 Green peas 0.3


Acid-Forming Foods
Based on consumption of 1 ounce
Egg yolk 7.5 Bacon 3.0
Herring 5.5 Lamb 3.0
Oysters 4.5 Duck 3.0
Crab 4.5 Whole egg 3.0
Lobster 4.0 Spaghetti 3.0
Oatmeal 3.6 Organ Meats 3.0
Veal 3.5 Rice 2.8
Sardines 3.4 Bread (wheat or rye) 2.5
Perch 3.3 Haddock 2.5
Salmon 3.3 Crackers 2.3
Swordfish 3.3 Bread (white) 2.2
Most other fish 3.3 Most nuts 2.0
Most meats & fowl 3.2 Egg whites 1.7
Liver 3.0 Dry corn 1.6
Chicken 3.0 Corn meal 1.6
Pork 3.0 Zwieback 1.6
Ham (smoked) 3.0 American cheese 1.6
Macaroni 3.0 Natural cheese 1.5
Most grains 3.0 Lentils 1.5


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