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The Problem with comparing alkaline water ionizers is that there are various websites comparing alkaline water ionizers. Each provides their own “ratings” and a version of a test video which can be biased.

These “comparison” sites try to make you think they are fair and unbiased, but in reality tout the ionizer brand they directly sell or get a kickback on. Worse, they hide this from you. They provide few real FACTS that you can verify. They only focus on pH, ORP and the size of the electrodes. There is so much more to consider!

The Solution: Consider the FACTS!

We do not hide who we are or what brand we want you to buy. We want you to know:

The most important fact: Emco Tech (through Alkaviva) has been the leading brand of ionizer in the US market since 1994 and in the world for over 20 years.

  • We have more experience, expertise and years in the ionization business than all our competitors combined.
  • We provide you FACTS that you can believe in and trust. We even provide verification.
  • There are other important considerations, rather than simply pH, ORP and electrode size.
  • We are the Associated Alkaviva Dealers and we want you to buy Alkaviva!
  • EPA Certified, UltraWater Test Results – Independent US EPA analytical lab test report on UltraWater filter.

Search no more. The facts are in: Emco Tech is #1.

Certificates & Data

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Ultra Water Filters

One of the best options to filter tap or well water may be Alkaline ionized UltraWater™. This way of purifying water ensures the healthiest drinking water possible at home. Ultra Water Filters remove 99.99% of contaminants, pollutants, chemicals and heavy metals. Watch this video below.

Learn more about these incredible Ultra Water Filters exclusive for Alkaviva Water Ionizers.

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AlkaViva’s Ultrawater Filter from AlkaViva on Vimeo.