Real Story About Alkaline Water & Dental Health

Recently I began to experience problems with my gum and teeth. No, it wasn’t because I was eating too many sweets or not brushing my teeth. In fact, I brushed at least twice a day and flossed every night. Despite that my gum was in terrible shape and the pain very uncomfortable. I tried everything. Visited the dentist for deep cleaning, I tried natural toothpaste because I discovered that most… Continue reading

Carla’s Personal Experience with Alkaline Water

Carla was always interested in health and nutrition. She discovered how ionized alkaline water could help her overcome the disease in her body. Watch her share her very personal story.

Patricia’s Personal Testimony about Alkaline Water

Watch Patricia in this video as she shares her own story of what alkaline water did for her health.

Alkaline Water (Ionized): A God Send

“Our Alkviva Melody has been a God send!!! My son and I work with a Ministry called Restoration Ranch we take the machine up there and fill the water bottles every two days. There are about 35 men ages starting at 22 yrs to 60 yrs old they are alcoholics and drug users which the court has sent to the ranch as a last resort before sending them to prison… Continue reading

How Alkaline Water Changed my Life

The following is an unedited letter from one of our many grateful customers. By request, it is published in full so that you may read how alkaline, alkaline water (ionized) dramatically changed Mike`s life for the better.

My Jupiter water ionizer has worked wonders for me in many areas of wellness. Before I started drinking ionized water I couldn`t use the stairs at work…up or down because of the… Continue reading