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In these articles about men and women's body health and mind, discover the importance being ph balance ( acid/alkaline balance). Learn health facts about how an alkaline diet make the difference in your health and fitness.

Scientist Explains Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water

What’s the story of hydrogen in ionized alkaline water, molecular hydrogen, and hydrogen pills or tablets? Welcome to the hydrogen movement. From this article you will learn the positive impact hydrogen-rich alkaline water can have on your overall health. So, allow us to introduce to you Tyler LeBaron, who will explain to you the benefits of molecular hydrogen in ionized water.

In 2007 hydrogen, after much scientific research was… Continue reading

H2Viva Molecular Hydrogen Pills for Hydrogen-rich Water

H2 Hydrogen pills that make hydrogen water is one of the amazing discoveries in alternative therapeutic natural health. As such we have been hearing some great testimonies especially from athletes in recovery. Drinking hydrogen water they experience anti-inflammation and pain relief. They simply take hydrogen pills that dissolves molecular hydrogen it in a glass of ionized water or filtered water and drink it twice a day. (Read some… Continue reading

Natural Treatment for Gout Pain: Alkaline Water

Are You Tired of Suffering With Gout Pains? Alkaline Ionized Water Will Make You Feel Better Immediately.

You already live with the extreme pain that gout disease causes. You desire to reduce the excessive uric acid that builds up in your blood. This article will show you how alkaline ionized water can aid you in overcoming gout pain and… Continue reading

What Chiropractors Should Know About Acid-Alkaline Balancing with Alkaline Green Drink Mix

How Chiropractors can help patients to correct their metabolic factors for chronic inflammation and free radical damage caused by acid foods.

Arthur Guyton, MD, in his Textbook of Medical Physiology, dedicates an entire chapter to alkaline balancing, and states that when the body is alkaline it converts free radicals to harmless water and oxygen, which maintain energy and vitality. The acid-alkaline balance relates to the chemistry of the body’s… Continue reading

From Melanoma Skin Cancer to Wellness

Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer and been told to “go home and get your affairs in order?” The following is an incredible real testimony from Kristine who was cleared from Stage 4 Melanoma cancer due to the alkaline diet’s high alkaline foods. We hope her survival will encourage you to fight if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

If it wasn’t for rich alkaline foods Kristine… Continue reading

Preventing Osteoporosis With Low-acid High-alkaline Foods

Research reveals the low acid high alkaline diet to be healthy in fighting Osteoporosis. It may prevent or delay chronic health conditions that rob far too many people of a wholesome healthy aging.

With more than 40 million Americans at increased risk for bone fracture, it’s good to know that osteoporosis is a preventable and treatable disease.

Low-acid eating, a diet laden with high alkaline fruits and vegetables… Continue reading

Gout Pain in Women After Menopause

Gout pain not only attacks men. In fact, a survey released on Gout Awareness Day May 22, shows 60 Percent of women experienced three or more gout pain flares per year and 91 Percent considered their gout pain to be chronic or severe.

For women, the risk of getting gout pain increases after menopause. The survey results reveal that women in the age range of menopause are greatly impacted… Continue reading

Healthiest Diet for Slimming Up: The Alkaline Diet

America is probably the most obese nation in the world, which is the reason why there are so many diets on the market, one diet claiming to be healthier than the other. I have done one of them, the MediFast Weight loss Plan and lost 20 pounds in one month with little exercise, it was good and I’m happy I did it. It was also a great jump-start towards the… Continue reading

Real Story About Alkaline Water & Dental Health

Recently I began to experience problems with my gum and teeth. No, it wasn’t because I was eating too many sweets or not brushing my teeth. In fact, I brushed at least twice a day and flossed every night. Despite that my gum was in terrible shape and the pain very uncomfortable. I tried everything. Visited the dentist for deep cleaning, I tried natural toothpaste because I discovered that most… Continue reading

Why We Don’t Believe in Yoga

Yoga is a mystical new age form of worshiping idols

Increasingly the health and wellness industry is being hijacked by a strange mystical spirit. We’re talking about Yoga. Many wrongly believe that Yoga is just fitness or stretching exercises, it is not. Yoga is part of a religion called Hinduism. In Hinduism each Yoga pose is a form of worshipful meditation to one or many of its… Continue reading

Crohns and Alkaline Foods: Fighting Crohn’s Disease

Our tree trimming service guy just shared with us the adversity he and his wife are facing. In a terrible economy where his customers are not honoring their contract for work he did for them, his wife is in the hospital recuperating from a liver transplant. You can imagine how stressful their life is right now. She needed a liver transplant due to her Crohn’s disease. The medication to treat… Continue reading

Alkaline Foods and Acid Alkaline Balance in Your Body

The Human Body is Slightly Alkaline. Our cells, organs and tissues must maintain a state of slight alkalinity for our very survival. The blood that circulates throughout the body must maintain a range of slightly alkaline pH of 7.35 to 7.45.

Certain substances and foods can potentially disrupt the healthy pH of the blood lowering it to unhealthy levels. A slightly acidic blood with a pH of 6.95 can… Continue reading

Health Study: Breast Cancer Treatment and Alkaline Water

The National Cancer Institute and Case Comprehensive Cancer Center will be conducting a clinical health study of alkaline water as a dietary supplement.

The purpose of this research is to discover how well alkaline water works in reducing skin toxicity in women with breast cancer undergoing radiation therapy. Alkaline water may reduce radiation therapy-related skin toxicity in patients with breast cancer.

The objective of this two-phase study is… Continue reading

Healthy Foods Beat Fatigue after Eating – Pancreas Health & Diet

Foods, healthy foods that is, were created by God to nourish, replenish and to energize you, not make you feel tired and sleepy after eating. It’s true that eating certain kinds of unhealthy foods that are full of carbohydrates and sugars can zap you of your strength and energy (I’ll explain how later). Unless you’re an athlete they make you fatigue after eating them.

If you feel tired after… Continue reading

Anti Aging Gracefully With Alkaline Water Hydration Health Benefits

As you grow older staying hydrated becomes more critical for your health and longevity. Today many are concerned about their health care and anti aging weight loss. This article is to provide you information about the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water and how it can help you age healthy and lose weight.

Drinking water is important, however, today’s drinking water has been treated with so many chemicals and recycled… Continue reading

Jillian Michaels’ Weight Loss Fitness Tips and Oxidizer Quiz

I found this helpful interview Pat Robertson did with Jillian Michaels on the 700 Club. Jillian is one of the nation’s toughest fitness gurus. A while back she wrote a bestselling book on weight loss, “Winning by Losing.” Here’s what she had to say about weight loss and fitness.

Pat: You coached your team on the Biggest Loser, I saw those fat people, there’s no way they’ll lose that… Continue reading

Hydrate, Alkalize and Detoxify the Body God’s Way

Back of the Book: Honoring the Temple of God, A Christian Health Perspective – Hydrate, Alkalize and Detoxify the body with Ionized Water, Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods by Bob McCauley

The Bible teaches that health and wellness is found with God. If your body is full of disease, it is because of the choices you have made or of a spiritual demonic nature. Jesus speaks of the body… Continue reading

Carla’s Personal Experience with Alkaline Water

Carla was always interested in health and nutrition. She discovered how ionized alkaline water could help her overcome the disease in her body. Watch her share her very personal story.

Patricia’s Personal Testimony about Alkaline Water

Watch Patricia in this video as she shares her own story of what alkaline water did for her health.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Alkaline Diet Foods

Are you frustrated with your weight? People try strict diet plans, starvation diets to lose weight fast and even punishing exercise routines without ever getting the results they dream about.

The truth is that shedding pounds is easy.

If you feel uneasy, uncomfortable and even embarrassed being seen in a bathing suit then chances are that dropping extra pounds this summer would make a huge difference in your… Continue reading