Answer to Freezing Alkaline Water

Searching the web for “if you can freeze alkaline water” can be confusion.

Some sites will say  freezing alkaline water will cause it to lose its properties and qualities. Others will tell you, go ahead and freeze it. But the answer to this question is simple and common sense.

Alkaline water is water that’s alive. It’s living water because it’s rich in electrons which are good for you. All living foods that are healthy are rich in electrons. Minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc are full of them. Organic vegetables are also loaded with the life of electrons and they don’t significantly lose their health and nutritional benefits when you freeze them at their freshest. They are only slightly affected.

Just as it is more ideal to eat your vegetables fresh out of the soil or tree, it is also far better to drink your alkaline water right when you produce it from ionizer.

The pH level and negative ORP  (Oxidation Reduction Potential) are only slightly affected, but not by freezing, rather by exposure to air. Negative ORP reduces more so than the pH level.

Refrigerating alkaline water doesn’t have any significant impact on pH and ORP.

One independent unscientific researcher produced these results:

  • Boiling ionized water does significantly decrease its health value. It will reduces the negative ORP (anti-oxidant value) from the water and slightly reduces the pH level.
  • Freezing ionized water does not, by itself, reduce its health value very much. As long as you take precautions to not expose the ionized water to air, your frozen ionized water should be good.

The Truth: While the water is still alkaline, the pH level and ORP only slightly change, not because of freezing but as a result of being exposed to air. The bottom line is, when you make alkaline water with your ionizer, it is advisable to drink it that day. [Correct time to drink water.]

Making Alkaline Water Ice Cubes

If you want to freeze alkaline water to ice cubes, set your water ionizer to a stronger setting, a pH level of up to 11. This way when you thaw it the pH level will drop 1 or 1.5 points (because of exposure to air), making the pH level between 10 or 9. Freezing alkaline water is a great idea if you want drink a glass of cold refreshing alkaline water.


  1. Ivory Whitfield says

    can you run strong alkaline water through an ice maker and freeze it

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