Alkaline Water Health Benefits with Alkaline Water Ionizer

Discover the benefits of Alkaline water, Ionized Alkaline Water or Kangen Water is the healthiest water you can drink, learn more...

Dehydration, Thirst and Health

Everybody knows not drinking enough water can cause dehydration. However, what some don’t know is that many illnesses and diseases can also trigger acute dehydration due to the increased body temperature and sweating that usually occur. Which is why drinking plenty of fluids good for you when you’re fighting sickness. Your body uses fluids to expel toxins and acidity as well as to keep your system flexible, lubricated and running… Continue reading

Fun Facts About Water

So you think you know everything about water and how it relates to your body and health? Check out these fun facts and start sipping water smarter!

Most people tend to drink more water in the hot summer months, but cold weather can dehydrate too. So, always keep that water bottle handy. Drink water before you get thirsty and keep dehydration at bay, because when your thirsty you are… Continue reading

Should You Trust the Bottled Water Name Brands?

The bottled water makers think so. Their ads present the image of pure and clean drinking water, guaranteed to quench your thirst. Consumers pay well over 1,900 times more for bottled water than tap water. While the bottled water maker’s thirst for cash is satisfied, they however, leave the water consumer dehydrated.

Do you know what’s in your favorite brand of bottled water?

Bottled water companies were asked three questions… Continue reading

Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration/Purification

Reverse Osmosis (R/O) is by far the most popular water treatment technology in use around the world today. Reverse Osmosis utilizes a technology called nano-filtration (typically .009 micron) to physically filter and remove virtually all suspended and dissolved material in water. The quality of R/O membranes vary but typically between 90% and 98% of all suspended materials (good and bad) are removed and flushed down the drain.

Reverse Osmosis and ionized… Continue reading