Alkaline Water (Ionized): A God Send

“Our Alkviva Melody has been a God send!!! My son and I work with a Ministry called Restoration Ranch we take the machine up there and fill the water bottles every two days. There are about 35 men ages starting at 22 yrs to 60 yrs old they are alcoholics and drug users which the court has sent to the ranch as a last resort before sending them to prison.

However the miracle of the detoxing water is that I hear reports from the men that they sleep thru the night, their muscles are not cramping up, head aches have disappeared, sugar cravings have diminished or completely gone away, tremors in the nerves have subsided, and what I have heard the most is that those who were depressed are acting some what normal they can actually keep their focus on the good things of life and there is much more.

These things are happening in just several days using the water …”

Woody and Carol

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