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Elita Pure water ionizer non-electricThis alkaline water filter offers the cleanest, healthiest water filtration that can raise the quality of your life, without breaking your bank account. What you put into your body matters. Staying fully hydrated matters. It matters because it’s about living life gracefully, even as you age.

Ultrawater™ (Ionized alkaline water filter) is water you were meant to drink. Clean, mineral-rich and anti-oxidant. The Elita Pure Ultrawater non electric water ionizer counter top transforms your tap water into ionized alkaline water, just as nature intended.

Alkaline Water Filter – Patented UltraWater™

What makes this alkaline water filter so powerful?

UltraWater™ alkaline water filters have up to 1000 times more acid neutralizing benefits than tap and bottled water. It’s a delicious way to stay hydrated and help balance your pH.

Joe Stumph, who is a WQA Certified Water Specialist explains how UltraWater™ alkaline water filters work:

“What we’ve done is created a way that takes these more traditional water filtration methods, turbo charges them, and massively increases the amount of contact time of alkaline water filtration, so that we are getting these amazing removal rates of all the contamination and everything that you don’t want in your water.

We send everything out to independent certified laboratories for testing. It’s kind of the proving point of what we do. I remember the first time I got a lab report back on this new technology, I was absolutely bowled over by it. 99.9% of virtually all tap water contaminants are removed. Yet everything beneficial such as the calcium, magnesium, and potassium remained intact.”

FGL Environmental, an EPA certified laboratory that specializes in agricultural, environmental, and drinking water testing. tested UltraWater™ Alkaline Water Filters:

“I was surprised by such a simple device, that it could deliver the type results that it did. Mercury, lead, fluoride, chlorine and the different forms of chlorine, different types of organic chemicals, all of those were at non-detectable levels. Very impressive.” — Blake Covert, Regional Director of FGL

Avoid Drinking Toxins in Regular Tap and Bottled Water

Imagine living in a toxin-free body, constantly rejuvenated by your daily clean alkaline water supply. Free from the harm of today’s tap and bottled water.

According to Dr. Cohen, a nutrition and sports performance expert, the contaminants in tap water slowly poisons your body.

“When we begin to look from the inside out, we can understand that when we make ourselves toxic (by drinking tap water and some bottled waters), we affect our physical health not just for today, but for a life-time, and that’s a critical point that I need people to understand: Toxins slowly poison us.” — Nutrition and Sports Performance Expert, Rick Cohen M. D.

Nutritional Research Scientist and Advisor to Olympic Athletes, Dr. Jaroslav Boublik comments on ionized alkaline water filters,

“High quality point-of-use water filtration technologies have the potential to improve the well-being of many people, by offering them on an on-going, moment to moment basis access to the sort of water that I would want them to be drinking.”

For any family, including yours, the UltraWater™ non electric ēlita Pure water ionizer countertop could be a foundation for clean, antioxidant-rich hydration at home. But also anywhere you go, because you can carry a bottle of UltraWater™ around with you, rather than having to rely on random nasty sources throughout the day. It will make you feel safe.

It’s simple, with this non electric water ionizer you protect your family and the planet. What’s more, you will feel good, have the energy you need to enjoy your life. The alkaline water filter replacement creates virtual zero waste. You are basically taking back your tap, using a sustainable source.

The UltraWater™ alkaline water filter “Non Electric” water ionizer is the result of an uncompromising desire to raise the quality of people’s life, through the cleanest healthiest water at an affordable price.

Non Electric Water Ionizer, ēlita Pure

There’s Simply No comparison!

You can’t trust basic old-style carbon filters that only remove chlorine and improved taste. Review the chart to see how does UltraWater™ contaminant removal compares with other brands.

Alkaline water filter compare chart

Trust Your Water and Drink with Convenience!

Your NEW and IMPROVED ēlita Pure offers you the safety and convenience of a digital filter life indicator, reminding you precisely when to replace your expired filter. The ēlita is also the ultimate in flow-through convenience. You never have to wait unlike with pitchers and other non-electric gravity systems. It offers the best flow rate in its class at approx. 1.5 gallons per minute.

Buy Elita CT 700 water ionizer

Price: $499 Only $280

Non Electric water ionizer elita-Pure


Country of Origin: UltraWater™ Filters are “Made in USA”
Flow Rate: Approx 1.5 gallons per minute
Filter Life: 700+ gallons
Change when digital counter alerts you!
Height: 11.5″
Footprint: 4″ diameter
Shipping Weight: 6lbs
Alkaline Water Filter Media: Patent pending UltraWater™ (no AAL or harmful resins or exchange media used)
pH Range: 8.5 to 9.5 depending on your water source and flow rate (contact time)
ORP Range: 150 to -350 depending on your water source and flow rate
ORP Reduction: Up to -500 mV depending on your water source and flow rate
Green Product: Eliminate plastic waste in filter replacement and plastic bottles
Retains Essential Alkalizing Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium
Great Tasting Water: No residue exchange media
Connection: Comes with tap diverter and tubing

Check out the Undersink version of Elita!


elita US-700 Udersink Non-Electric Water Ionizer – Simple the Most Advanced and Affordable, Non-electric, Water Ionizer Available.

The NEW ēlita US-700.

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