Alkaline Water FAQs and Questions Answered

weightwatcher women on alkaline waterOn a WeightWatcher’s forum of women who had 100+ pounds to lose, we read this conversation by four women entitled,”Has anyone heard of alkaline water?.” It reveals how ill-informed the public still is about alkaline, ionized water. But before we address this question read their conversation:

DBARR85: “My husband went to the gym yesterday and apparently some lady there gave him a month’s worth of “alkaline water”…it’s supposedly healthier..and a really big deal in China…blah blah blah…he seemed really excited about it…has anyone heard about it? Or tried it?”

ARLINEE: “I’ve never heard of alkaline water being marketed for health, but if you add baking soda to tap water, you’ll have alkaline water. Easy and cheap, but I seriously doubt it will affect your health/weight loss in any way.”

SIMPLYLIV: “I’ve heard of it, but not in a positive way. It’s not harmful, but it’s supposedly just another health/money-making scam.”

PALIDA: “It being from China is supposed to give merit to its validity?
He should try snake oil instead.”

DBARR85: “Lol! I’m gonna have to go take a look at that woman who convinced him to drink that junk…=P…. They made him think that there was zero chemicals in it… I don’t remember what else he said… I found it kind of odd.”

Let’s address the questions you may draw from this:

Why alkaline water is healthier for you?

There’s a clear difference between alkaline water and filtered tap water. Here’s why it’s healthier for you. Alkaline water has a pH between 8.0 and 10.5. Tap water is neutral (7.0 pH), neither acid or alkaline. Alkaline water is micro-clustered water which makes it easily absorbable by the body–hydrating at a cellular level.

Alkaline water is closer to nature than tap water. Many natural spring waters around the world have an alkalinity between 8.0 and 9.5 on the pH scale.

Tap water is not in line with nature since it has many contaminates in it like chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical wastes and more. Filtered doesn’t remove many of the harmful toxins completely, but only adds better taste. Reverse Osmosis filtration removes everything including much needed minerals like, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Is alkaline water good for weight loss?

It’s generally known that drinking water is great for losing weight, however, alkaline water is more enhanced water. During filtration it adds the needed minerals. Alkaline ionized water has properties that hydrate the body better than tap or store shelf bottled water, because it has smaller water molecules and more oxygen to hydrate the body at cellular level. Furthermore, since being overweight is due to having too much acid stored in the body, alkaline water can be helpful in flushing these acids out that cause weight gain.

Is baking soda in filtered water like alkaline water?

No. Alkaline water has a higher pH than baking soda in filtered water. Alkaline water also has an antioxidant benefit that baking soda in filtered water hasn’t. Plus it taste much better.

Does alkaline water come from China?

No, It doesn’t come from China. Alkaline water originates from Japan, where it was first called kangen water. In both Japan and South Korea alkaline water is used in hospitals to treat patients. Alkaline water ionizers are used in Japan as medical devices.

Is alkaline water junk?

No. It’s not a gimmick or marketing strategy either. Again, nature doesn’t create junk. Most natural waters from natural springs are slightly alkaline. Science and technology just bring it closer to home, so you don’t have climb a mountain or trek the jungle to go find it.

Does alkaline have zero chemicals in it?

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