Real Story About Alkaline Water & Dental Health

alkaline water dental health benefitsRecently I began to experience problems with my gum and teeth. No, it wasn’t because I was eating too many sweets or not brushing my teeth. In fact, I brushed at least twice a day and flossed every night. Despite that my gum was in terrible shape and the pain very uncomfortable. I tried everything. Visited the dentist for deep cleaning, I tried natural toothpaste because I discovered that most toothpaste are loaded with chemicals harmful to your health. My situation worsened and nothing seemed to help. The news my dentist gave me was that I was going to lose all my teeth soon. Of course, I didn’t believe him. I knew that God had a healing for me or He would provide another way somehow.

Then one day I had to travel to North Carolina for a conference. My wife and I stayed in a beautiful cabin in the mountains, we had a great time there. Two days later, I realized my mouth felt pleasant and the pain wasn’t there. To make a long story short, throughout my stay in NC, I had no gum problems or mouth pain of any kind. However, when I came back home, everything started coming back slowly. I started to ask myself, “What was the difference between here and NC?” I recalled reading a piece of paper on the fridge of the cabin where we lodged. It was a note about the natural water of the territory and how good it is for you. Mind you, we didn’t drink it because it had sulfur in it. But we had to shower with it and, get this, brush our teeth with it. Immediately I realized, that was it! The water is the key.

The bad news is, the waters where I life in Miami are not alkaline or mineral and as a result my mouth problems returned.

I did lots of research myself, because I refused to believe that the only solution was a big dentist bill. No, God had a different plan. So I looked closer into the water issue and learned that water can be acidic, alkaline and neutral. My tap water is neutral and that’s OK, but not good enough. Cities put chlorine in it to kill bacteria but not all bacteria gets killed, and that’s what I brushed my teeth with. We would never drink tap water, but we all brush with it. That’s the problem.

I discovered that the human body had to be pH balanced for optimum health, that makes sense since our bodies are 75% water. So, if water isn’t healthy, your body will suffer unhealthy consequences if you drink it or brush your teeth with it.

So I begin to search for a way to get alkaline water in my home. That’s when I discovered alkaline water ionizers from Alkaviva. I began to drink that and brush my teeth with it instead of tap water. Now my teeth and gum feel 100% better.


What we eat and drink affects dental health, especially the enamel that covers our teeth and keeps them strong and hard. If you brush with tap water or drink acidic soft drinks and eat acidic foods, it will gradually erode the tooth enamel covering leading to tooth sensitivity and even decreasing your gum line. Your saliva can fight off acids and bacteria to some degree but not if there’s too much acidity. Brushing your teeth with alkaline water may help give your saliva a boost to neutralize acidity and promote tooth and gum health.

A study carried out in Tokyo showed that ionized, alkaline water reduced the incidence of secondary dental caries that occur around teeth that have already been restored. In this study, it also reduced progression of dental caries.

In my case, in the North Carolina mountains I noticed immediate dental health benefits from the natural mineral alkaline water there. The closest thing to it to me is ionized alkaline water from Alkaviva.

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