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Alkaline your Body the FAST and Easy Way, with Dr Annie Guillet’s Step-by-Step Alkaline Cookbook.

Alkaline Cookbook

Discover the Alkaline Foods Cookbook: The ‘Secrets’ High-Energy People Use to Create Mouth-Watering Meals and Delicious Snacks that Explode Your Energy Levels AND Make You FEEL TERRIFIC!

“The Alkaline Foods Cookbook is crammed with easy to whip up ‘pH friendly’ Alkaline Recipes to help you unlock ‘unlimited’ energy, sharp mental concentration and radiant good health!”

From lip-smacking snacks, to healthy luscious dishes and sumptuous culinary delights – Alkaline Cookbook is a must-have collection of easy-to-follow alkaline recipes to help you drain tiredness out of your system, power up your stamina and help your body operate at it’s peak levels.




More and more professional athletes, peak performance individuals and other celebrities are turning to the alkaline diet for optimum health. Why? Because it works!

Yet the question remains… What’s an easy way of enjoying alkaline foods that purify our body for the rest of us, without having to eat celery sticks or carrots all day long?!

The Alkaline Foods Cookbook is the answer!

At Last: Alkaline Food That’s Made Mouth-Watering DELICIOUS!

Years of research into the great health benefits of an alkaline diet, combined with expert advice on how to cook up a super-healthy storm – all without compromising your enjoyment of eating fine food!

If you’re a devoted food lover, who wants to indulge in fine cuisine without feeling guilty, you’re going to love these scrumptious alkaline recipes that are easy to make and divine to eat.

Luscious Alkaline Foods

Discover luscious alkaline recipes to make you healthy from the inside out, supercharge your body with ‘unlimited’ energy levels and restore radiant good health and mental clarity…

The alkaline recipes in this beautifully designed alkaline cookbook are simple and easy-to-follow. Special care has been taken to purposely avoid any unnecessary detail or long- winded instructions. The goal, of course, is to get you started eating right away for optimal health.

Our high-paced, caffeine and sugar-powered lifestyles have overburdened our bodies with an excessive acid load making our bodies feel tired, worn-out and exhausted. Often we find that our energy levels are just a bit too low to take us through the day, or worse still, sometimes we even feel tired as soon as we roll out of bed. I’m sure you know that feeling! Lack of energy destroys our careers, relationships and stops us from living our true potential!

Alkaline Foods In The Acid Alkaline Diet is For Everyone.

Are you currently experiencing any of the following conditions?

  • Low energy
  • Fatigue
  • Excess weight
  • Poor digestion
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain

If you are, then there’s a strong chance that your body’s pH is out of balance. These are just a few of the symptoms people experience when their body is too acidic.

If you’ve never tried eating a diet of existing of a balance of acid alkaline foods, these are some of amazing health benefits that all alkaline “foodies” experience – and YOU CAN TOO!

  • Better able to cope with stress.
  • Improved personal productivity.
  • A stronger immune system to ward off disease, viruses and infections.
  • A slowing or even REVERSING of the aging process.
  • Elimination of allergies.
  • Weight loss and easier weight management.
  • Increased mental focus and concentration.
  • And generally feeling terrific!

Why is it important for your body to stay alkaline?

You need to keep your body’s pH level balanced in order to keep yeast, bacteria, viruses, cancer and other diseases out of your system.

A body that remains acidic can attract nasty diseases like: cardiovascular damage, weight gain, obesity and diabetes, premature aging, osteoporosis and joint pain, loss of sex drive and enthusiasm, mouth and stomach ulcers… just to name a few!

The process of restoring your body to a balanced acid-alkaline pH level to avoid these health problems begins with proper diet and nutrition. And these Alkaline Foods Cookbooks shows you how to make proper diet and nutrition YUMMY! CLICK here to download this Alkaline Foods Gourmet Package now If you want MAXIMUM ENERGY to burn even on minimum sleep, you need to understand which foods help your body operate at optimum levels consistently without overloading your system. If you want to lose a few pounds while having fun and enjoying what you eat, you need to educate yourself on how to work in harmony with your body. Once you restore your body’s acid-alkaline equilibrium your weight problems will be easier to control.

I have Lost 57 pounds on the Alkaline Diet, 11 lbs in the first Week!

I was given the Alkaline Cookbook by my therapist Dr Antonia Ruhl who is Dr Annie Guillet’s mother in law, as a prescription for by swollen knee (it had caused me pain for 4 years plus) I followed the Alkaline Cookbook step-by-step for 4 weeks and now I eat Alkaline 80% of the time.

My knee only has pain if I eat acid foods and I have lost 26Kg in weight, 5Kg in the first week. I have not been this light since I was 22 years old, I am now 57. I went to my GP yesterday and my blood pressure is the best it has been for 10 years. I found the alkaline diet very easy, I gave up Coffee and Alcohol in February when I started and never missed it. I feel great, have lots more energy!

Camille Rogers


The Alkaline Foods Cookbook contains delicious looking photographs to inspire and captivate your senses, shamelessly tempting you until you finally succumb and give it a try. But rest assured that these alkaline recipes have been carefully selected to cleanse and detox the polluted cells in your body – it’s like plumbing for your system!

The unique food combinations will help you to heal and revive your body cell by cell!

The Alkaline Cookbook contains over 84 simple ways to REVERSE the signs of STRESS, aging, pollution and bad eating habits!

You’ll find yummy alkaline recipes for

  • Freshly Squeezed Alkaline Fruit JuicesFreshly squeezed alkaline juices: Full of lip-smacking goodness – loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which neutralize free radical damage to cells and tissues and help you build strong defenses against allergies, infections and other nastiness!
  • Luscious Alkaline Food Breakfast RecipeLuscious Alkaline breakfasts: A perfect way to kick off your day’s adventure with these quick & easy healthy breakfast recipes that are guaranteed to make you look forward to rolling out of bed and keep you going until lunch and beyond!
  • Scrumptious Alkaline SaladsScrumptious Alkaline Salads: Bursting with nutrients and flavor, these delicious twists will fill you up, reduce the temptation to over indulge on high fat/high calorie foods and make you ready to attack the day!
  • Alkaline Soups and MoreAlkaline Soups and More: Inventive but not fussy or complicated, with easy-to-find ingredients that provide the fiber and nutrition you need to be slim and healthy.
  • Mouth Watering Alkaline MainsMouth Watering Mains: from asparagus crepes with Hollandaise sauce to nutty zucchini loaf and scrumptious fish taco and many more to help you plan an irresistible menu to share with family and friends or just by yourself!
  • Alkaline Luscious DessertsLuscious Alkaline Desserts: Healthy desserts you can indulge in without feeling guilty anytime you like it – without overloading your body with excess sugar!

Super Alkaline Foods

Hello, I have bought the Alkaline Cookbook and even though I was primarily on an alkaline diet I have thoroughly enjoyed your alkaline recipes and have become even more motivated and creative in my cooking since reading it. Many thanks!

Maria Millikan

Ballarat North

The Alkaline Cookbook is your complete healthy cooking companion, crammed with scrumptious alkaline recipes for any time and any occasion.

Balanced Alkaline foods recipes are quite difficult to find and you’d need to carefully analyze each recipe to make sure it REALLY is alkaline. Often the foods seem quite alkaline but some of the ingredients used- like sauces – are downright acidic! The Alkaline Cookbook gives you the peace of mind, knowing that each and every recipe was carefully created to have an optimal 80/20 ratio of alkaline to acid foods. It is the ultimate go-to guide if you want to eat luscious tasting food from morning to evening AND ensure that your body stays alkaline.

The original, flavorful recipes will delight and tantalize your taste buds, as well as energize your body.

Order your copy of the Alkaline Foods Cookbook now and discover how to give your body the nourishment, nutrients, fuel and the BALANCE it needs to maintain optimal health – WITHOUT HAVING TO GIVE UP DELICIOUS TASTING FOOD!

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Your body’s pH balance is the first and major line of defense against sickness and disease before you immune system kicks in. So if your acid-alkaline equilibrium is out of balance, you’re making your body prone to disease, sickness, low energy, stress and infections.

If you get tired easily, struggle to concentrate, lack enthusiasm in life or get colds and the flu more than other people – these are ‘tell-tale’ signs that your body is probably acidic and out of balance.

Extended acid imbalances can overwhelm your body!

The sooner you restore your body’s pH levels, the faster you can build explosive new power into your body’s own immune system that will tear apart germs and infections the instant they invade your body!

Inside the Alkaline Foods Cookbook you’ll also discover…

  • 2 proven ways to help you quickly determine which foods alkalize your body and which make it toxic and acidic – the ones you should eat in moderation, eliminate or stay away from most of the time!
  • A complete 4 WEEK PLANNER that covers your breakfast, lunch, dinner, juices and snacks to re-balance your body, strengthen your immunity, improve mental clarity and powers of concentration while drenching stress and fatigue out of your body!
  • A simple one-page INDEX so you can find any recipe in seconds – for example, the luscious Vanilla Custard Cream and Berries recipe is on page 157, PLUS over 84 other delicious and mouth-watering recipes are just as easy to find and enjoy!
  • Your body’s ideal pH level to keep yeast, bacteria, viruses, cancer and other diseases out of your system (It’s probably not what you think).
  • 29 MUST-HAVE herbs, veggies, fruits and other goodies every serious alkaline kitchen needs to have at all times to keep you focused and on track – so you don’t indulge on and crave other unhealthy foods (Don’t worry they’re affordable and easy to get!)
  • A simple, one-page CONVERSION TABLE that makes converting different kinds of measurements easy – no matter whether you’re from.

If at any time of the day you get hungry or thirsty for more – you’re covered with a stack of healthy alkaline food recipes that build your stamina, explode your energy levels and protect your body from infections, allergies and viruses!

This unique collection of alkaline recipes is unlike anything else out there on the Internet –- professionally illustrated, thoroughly researched and compiled, tried and tested to make sure you get the absolute best alkaline recipes!

So what’s a fair price to pay to start immediately protecting yourself against the NASTY SIDE-EFFECTS of excessive toxic acid load?

A professional chef spent hours preparing every single dish featured in this cookbook and every single dish received his final tick of culinary approval.

Then, the professional photographer and styling director worked their magic to showcase these scrumptious culinary creations in stunning clarity– so what you see in the photographs is EXACTLY what you can easily make.

This e-book is no ordinary black and white paperback. It was set and designed by a world-class graphic designer who created an outstanding final product that you the reader will love to use and enjoy.

For the amount of hard work that was invested to make this a high-quality final product, it could easily cost $59.95 or more, especially since it’s the only book of this form and content available. However, the author recognizes that at that price it would be out of reach for many people. So she has kindly agreed to make it available at the super low price of just $27 for the e-book version with no further delivery costs or charges.

But it’s not just the exceptional quality that makes this alkaline cookbook a must-have collection for anyone serious about living a long and healthy life…. The book is a PRICELESS gift to give anyone you know, because every one of us needs to build strong defenses against diseases, allergies, immune dysfunctions, infections and other conditions.

THE BOTTOM LINE is that you’ll receive complete Step-By-Step alkaline recipes to energize every cell in your body, explode your energy levels AND bullet-proof your immunity all while enjoying what you eat… even your sex life will improve!

“Don’t Decide Right Now – TEST-DRIVE The Alkaline Cookbook

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100% Satisfaction GuaranteedI know how great you’ll feel… your energy, concentration and focus will improve, you’ll become a more positive, optimistic and successful person. I want to give you that special gift, and I know that once your see how great you feel and look – you will definitely want to keep it.

So here ‘s what I want you to do:

Simply get your copy TODAY, pick any one of the scrumptious recipes and try it out, then try the next one, and the next one, and as many more as you like for the next 60 FULL DAYS.

…If you don’t like the way you feel and look… if your hair doesn’t mirror brilliant shine and luster… if your skin is not clearer and healthier in appearance… if you don’t have energy to spare even on little or no sleep… if you don’t turn into a happy and a positive person others love to be around… if it doesn’t change your life in a bunch of exciting ways…

…and if you’re not 100% satisfied…

Simply, send me an email and you will receive a complete refund. No questions asked! No Hard Feelings!

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I’m convinced that you will enjoy these mouth-watering, easy-to-make alkaline recipes that will purify and energize your body.. Once you try the scrumptious recipes, I guarantee you it will be love at first bite!

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