Alkaline Foods: Discovering Alkaline Cuisine Cookbook with Chef Sal

Alkaline Foods with Chef Sal

Alkaline Foods with Chef Sal

There seems to be a misconception that is rather widespread regarding raw alkaline foods, namely that alkaline foods dishes are odd, difficult to prepare and not tasty! Chef Sal wanted to end this perception completely, by demonstrating the contrary in his cookbook “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine.”

“Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine” cookbook was born during cooking classes Chef Sal gave for a passionate alkaline foods lifestyle consultant.

Throughout the book you will see not only how delicious, time efficient, normal and easy raw alkaline foods are to prepare, but also the amazing benefits you get from eating them. Chef Sal is now seventy-three years of age and the raw alkaline foods lifestyle along with his exercise routines, he says, “leave him feeling quite energized all day.”

Understanding Alkaline Foods

The biggest barrier to understanding how raw alkaline foods works is the inability to conceptualize how incredible it is. Chef Sal says, “I realize that it may challenge many of your long-held beliefs about health. That is what I am aiming for! ‘Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine’ will help you see that what is possible for my health is also be possible for yours too.”

Who is Chef Sal? Chef Sal has a deep love for cooking and an extensive 55 year career as a chef.

He started out training in culinary arts across Holland, Switzerland, France, Singapore, Israel, and Spain. He was a dining captain on a cruise ship until he decided to make America his home and start a restaurant of his own. He opened Déjà Vu in Philadelphia, serving some of his favorite dishes honed during his schooling and travels — and recreating them with a healthy flair. The restaurant took off, winning multiple awards and garnering great reviews from the nation’s most esteemed culinary press.

Always craving new experiences, Chef Sal eventually moved to Florida, opening three other restaurants. With those he says, “I came closer to my present mission of healthier foods – experimenting with fresh seafood, fresh fruits, and other organic fare.”

Both in his restaurant career and now, Chef Sal has always expected high standards of himself. “I have spent countless hours, dollars, and energy creating these alkaline recipes, making them as high quality as possible. These are not just recipes, they have a fine-dining quality to them.”

Many Choices of Alkaline Foods Recipes

In his book, you will find all types of different choices. They include Appetizers, Entrees, Beverages, Snacks, Deserts, Sauces, Dressings, Salads, and Soups.

He created all of the alkaline recipes with the taste and texture of the most favorite foods in mind. They are, for example, Kebabs w/ Barbeque sauce, Veggie Burgers, Hummus, pizza and even ice creams and tortes.

Discovering Alkaline Foods with Chef SalThere are over 120 different alkaline recipes in “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine” that can bring you from beginner in health alkaline foods to advanced levels. Most of the alkaline recipes call for the use of a food processor, blender, dehydrator and/or juicer. These alkaline recipes generally can be prepared after a trip to the local health food store. For others, you may need special ingredients that you can easily replace with something other suggestions.

Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine” will benefit you whether you want to casually experiment or take complete control of your health goals.

“It has been a pleasure for me to make the path of alkalinity—through raw, alkaline foods—fun, exciting, and filled with passion.” — Chef Sal


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