17 Ways to Use Acidic Water and It’s Amazing Benefits

By now you should be well familiar with alkaline water benefits, the importance of being pH balanced and the differences of acidity and alkalinity. However, there’s one thing many seem to overlook in alkaline water ionizers. They also produces acidic water. Oftentimes, this question arises, “How can I use the acidic water?”

We’re happy to tell you that there are a myriad of uses for acidic water!  One of the very best is that it can help keep your home sparkling clean! Acid water is a natural solution as opposed to using strong chemicals.  It’s eco-friendly, kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and YOU-friendly!

For cleaning, the stronger the acidity, the better. strong acid water has disinfectant properties. You can either select acidic water to flow from the flex hose or collect the acid water that comes out from the waste hose of your Athena Water Ionizer while filling bottles or jugs with alkaline water.

Now let’s look into the benefits of acidic water and it’s uses.

Acidic water contains disinfecting properties and may be used for:

1. Kitchen Cleaning – Wash cutting boards, countertops (Not Granite), sinks, etc. Acidic water can help prevent food poisoning from e-coli and other types of bacteria.

Soak pots and pans overnight.

Rinse dishcloths and sponges. This helps to slow bacterial growth and diminish odors.

2. In Preparing Food – rinse fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish to help prevent contamination from e-coli and other kinds of bacteria. If you’d like, you can rinse again with alkaline water.

3. Spray Bottle Uses – Spray it on as a hand sanitizer or to clean your eyeglasses and mist your face.

Remove strong odors from your hands, such as onion or even garlic! Acidic water from the Athena Ionizer can also be used as a hand sanitizer. Instead of using chemical-laden hand sanitizers, try filling a small spray bottle with strong acidic water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and you’re good to go!

4. Acidic water may also prove useful in treating minor scrapes, cuts to clean and prevent infection. May help in alleviating pain and inflammation associated with minor burns and aid in quick recovery.

5. Acne and Skin Problems – Acid water from your water ionizer has an astringent effect and can be used with helping to treat or prevent acne, skin spots and other minor skin problems.

Washing the face with acidic water helps to make the skin smooth, and helps to improve the overall health and sheen of your skin.

6. Cosmetics and Hair and Bath – Rinse your hair with acidic water before and after shampooing to help prevent hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp.

7. Good For Use in Shaving. Acid water derived from Athena Alkaline Water machine is a great natural aftershave and helps protect against shaving rash.

8. Bathing – add 1.5 to 3 gallons to your bath, your skin will love you!

Acidic water may also be beneficial in treating other skin conditions such as:

9. Athlete’s Foot – Helps to accelerate recovery, particularly when used in a warm water soak 20-30 minutes daily.

10. Chapped Hands – May help to prevent chapped hands as well as speed recovery from chapping.

11. Insect Bites – provides relief from the itch or sting of mosquito and bug bites.

12. Nail Fungus– helps to accelerate recovery, particularly when used in a warm water soak 20-30 minutes daily.

Acidic water is environmentally friendly.

13. Watering Plants –  Use it to water house plants or outside plants to promote growth. Plants respond well to acidic water – rain water is acidic.

Dip stems of fresh cut flowers in it.

14. Pet Friendly – Bathe your pets with it for an overall healthier coat.

15. Natural Bleaching Action – with acidic water from your ionizer you avoid using harmful chemicals in household cleaning products. Clean your house, without chemicals, and remove dirt and grime and help prevent odors.

16. Effectively cleans glass, mirrors, and knives.

17. To get good medical-grade water, run the machine at the lowest acid setting slowly, to get the most concentrated acid water you can from the machine and use it directly or put it in a bottle to use over time. Unlike alkaline water, which can last about a week if you take good care of it, acid water lasts forever, if anything, becoming a bit more acidic over time.

Because acidic water is non-toxic, there are no side-effects, as with some other products.
Try it! We’re pretty sure that you’ll love what the acidic water can do as much as the alkaline water. See all our premium ionizers.
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  1. Can you soak your foot in acidic water while having a gout attack? Is there any benefit?

  2. HealthAlkaline says

    Hi Kristi,
    That’s not recommended. Soak your foot in warm water with Baking soda in it, apparently the skin absorbs nutrient. Drink alkaline water, a teaspoon sip of apple cider vinegar with “mother” in it everyday. Read this article: https://www.healthalkaline.com/body-health/my-gout-kill-formula-changing-your-body-ph

  3. I have cracked heel . Can soaking in acidic water help ?

  4. HealthAlkaline says

    Soak in lukewarm water with baking soda or epsom salt. Consult your Physician or medical expert.

  5. I store acidic water in a plastic container. Over a period of say 3 weeks or more. The container is stain with green algae. Why is it so?

  6. HealthAlkaline says

    Try storing them in glass containers.

  7. Ionized Water says

    Thanks for sharing this informative blog… The blog was really helpful. Most people are unaware of the numerous benefits of acidic water… Acidic water is not intended for drinking purpose but it has many other uses. Mild acidic water which ranges from 5.5-6.5 can be used for cleaning mouth and face as it’s an excellent hydrating and antiseptic agent whereas strong acidic water which ranges from 2.5-3.5 can be used for cleaning and sterilizing… Keep Going.

  8. Instead of using windshield wiper solution for my car could I replace it with acidic water?

  9. HealthAlkaline says

    Acidic water from our water ionizers is a great surface and glass cleaner, give it a try.

  10. Ive had amazing anti-aging and anti-acne benefits with no irritation. I use the strong acid water as a spray on my face and neck after cleansing, and then several times during the day. If my skin gets a little dry I switch to a slightly lower Ph. for a day or so. It makes it really easy to keep combo skin balanced without irritation. I used to also suffer from a rosacea type rash, but its gone now too. I told my cosmetologist and derm about it, but I think they’re brainwashed by the skincare industry to only believe in the power of chemicals.
    I also heard people mention gout, Your diet is really important to avoiding gout. The alkaline water helps too, but only if you drink it. Drink alkaline water on an empty stomach, so it doesn’t interfere with digestion. Eat alkaline foods, and avoid the acid forming foods: sugar, alcohol, meat, cheese, refined grains. Also processed foods tend to be more acidic, so keep it simple, fresh and green, good luck!

  11. My child has Macrons ( MRSA in the nose). How do I use the 2.5 water to kill these. Currently, using a rinse 2x a day. Am I killing good bacteria too? How to repopulate the good and balance.

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