Achieving Good Health with Ionized Alkaline Water

ionized alkaline water health

This article is about how to achieve health through drinking alkaline water.

Did you know that ionized alkaline water is up to 7 times more hydrating than bottled water? Because alkaline water from a water ionizer is charged with antioxidant power, higher in oxygen to invigorate body cells, helps detox your system and balance your body’s pH.

There’s no shortage of water on earth, it’s over 75% water. But 100% clean water is scarce and what’s worse, ionized alkaline water is rare.

If you find out what’s in your tap or bottled water you’ll probably be shocked. Because of the metals, chemicals and pharmaceutical waste water has been robbed of it’s health and hydrating power. “Regular water” as we’ve come to know it no longer promotes good health as it should. But there’s hope, ionized alkaline water does.

After you drink ionized alkaline water, you will never view water the same again! Let’s get started.

First off, you’ve heard the rumor that alkaline ionizer water is expensive. It is not. If you buy bottled water you end up paying thousands more every year, than if you’d own a water ionizer. We already addressed that in this chart: Water Cost Analysis.

Second, some rightly say that a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice helps with your body pH. We agree. But it tastes disgusting, yuck! Furthermore, it doesn’t hydrate, detox the body and it has no antioxidant power.

Third, water in its original state has always been alkaline. It’s real water.

How ionized alkaline water Restores Good Health

alkaline water benefits for good health

Researchers believe excess acidity to be the leading cause of disease that weakens all body systems. Acidity can be caused by high stress lifestyles, a poor diet and pollutants. Acidity affects all of us. It forces the body to take alkaline mineral reserves, like calcium and magnesium, from vital organs and bones leaving the body vulnerable to bone density loss, heartburn, indigestion, blood sugar issues, weight gain — 68 bad health conditions in all.

When healthy your body has sufficient alkaline reserves to balance itself and naturally resists disease.

Here’s how alkaline water helps: The best alkaline water hydrates and repletes your body with the alkaline minerals; calcium, magnesium and potassium to alkalize your body at a cellular level. Alkaline water helps your body naturally maintain proper pH balance while also boosting good health and vitality.

Besides excess acidity, dehydration is another cause of disease. Let’s face it, we don’t enjoy drinking water as much as we do drinking soda, or an alcoholic beverage. But nothing hydrates better than water and alkaline water hydrates better than “regular water.”

The dehydration downward spiral leads from one thing to another. For example, it causes fatigue and low energy, low energy causes poor digestion, which then can lead to acid reflux. Proper hydration is critical to good health. Read more on dehydration here.

Alkaline Water’s Antioxidant Power

Alkaline Water Antioxidant Benefit

“Scientists now believe that free radicals are causal in nearly every known disease.” — Dr. Lester Parker, University of California

The antioxidant power of alkaline water is vital for good health, because it attacks free radicals. Charged atoms called “free radicals” damage healthy cells in the body, causing the process of decay, called oxidation. Ever seen a cut apple turn brown on the inside? That’s what happens inside your body because of free radical damage. Scientist believe free radical damage plays a major role in heart disease, premature aging, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and many other disease.

Antioxidants stop oxidation. There’s clear evidence that they counteract the onset of degenerative disease.

Fact: Ionized alkaline water has more antioxidant power in it than a glass of fresh orange juice.

So there you have it, with ionized alkaline water you can achieve and maintain good health. There is loads of antioxidants with every glass. Cheers!


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