6 Healthy Alkaline Recipes – Alkaline Foods for Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Recipes - Healthy CookingIf you are interested in an Alkaline Lifestyle, here are 6 healthy alkaline recipes for you and your family.

Would you like to prepare some alkaline dishes at home? There so many like you who are learning about the benefits of alkaline foods, but don’t know how to prepare them.   Here are a few alkaline recipes samples from our alkaline cookbook you can try right now.

Refreshing Alkaline Recipes to Quench Your Thirst

Alkaline Chlorophyll Thrill

Alkaline Recipes - Chlorophyll Thrill


1/2 Lime
1 teaspoon Liquid Chlorophyll
Pure Water
Ice cubes

How To Prepare This Recipe

Place the ice cubes in a tall glass.
Press the lime for its juice and pour over ice together with the chlorophyll.
Add water to fill the glass.
Drink away!

If you like the taste of chlorophyll, add a teaspoon or more into your daily drinking water. It’s alkaline and refreshing and different from the sodium bicarbonate taste!

Great Alkaline Recipes For Breakfast

Buckwheat Crepes with Alkaline Syrup

Alkaline Recipes - Buckwheat Crepes with Alkaline Syrup


1 cup Buckwheat flour
2 Eggs *
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
1/2 teaspoon Celtic Sea Salt
1/2 litre Water
3 tablespoons Olive Oil
For a less rich slice use fresh tomatoes
*1 egg = 1 tablespoon ground flax seed simmered in 3 tablespoons of water

How To Prepare This Recipe

In the mixer, add all ingredients for 1 minute.
If no mixer, put flour in a bowl add oil the eggs and celtic salt. Mix vigorously.
Slowly add the water.
Mix quickly for 3 minutes to obtain a smooth mixture.
Let it stand for 2 hours, with a cloth over the top of the bowl. Oil your pan and flip both sides of your crepes when the pan is hot.

Satisfying Alkaline Soup Recipes

Butternut Pumpkin Alkaline Soup

Alkaline Recipes - Butternut Pumpkin Alkaline Soup


2 Butternut Squash
1 Onion
3-4 cups Water with Celtic Sea Salt
1 can Coconut Milk
Cinnamon and Nutmeg

How To Prepare This Recipe

Cut squash in half and remove seeds remove skin and cut flesh in small pieces.
Cut onion in small pieces.
Bring water to boil with the salt and add veggies and cinnamon and nutmeg.
When all veggies soft…blend with the mixer.
Serve in bowl and onion rings to garnish.

Delicious Alkaline Recipes For Salad

Alkaline Char Grilled Calamari

Alkaline Recipes - Alkaline Char Grilled Calamari


2 Calamari
Garlic mayo to taste
4 cups Rocket leaves
2 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar
2 tablespoons Flax Seed Oil
3 tablespoons Lemon Grass
2 Garlic cloves, minced
Celtic Salt
1 cup Spelt Bread Crumbs
3 tablespoons Olive Oil

How To Prepare This Recipe

Slice your calamari and dip it in a mix of bread crumbs, garlic and lemon grass.
Put your olive oil in a pan and heat up gently. Fry the calamari for 3 minutes and add 1/4 cup water, cover and simmer until calamari are tender.
In a bowl mix rocket, flax oil and vinegar, add salt to taste.
Mix calamari into the bowl and add rest of the cubs mix too.

Alkaline Recipe Chocolate Dessert

Alkaline Chocolate Mousse

Alkaline Recipes - Alkaline Chocolate Mousse


300 grams pack Silken Tofu
2 teaspoons Cocoa Powder, unsweetened
1 teaspoon Raw Honey
Cocoa Chips

How To Prepare This Recipe

Mix ingredients except cocoa chips in a blender.
Refrigerate until serving time then sprinkle cocoa chips on top.
* Add more honey to taste.

Just remember honey is an acid food!

Alkaline Recipe For Hydrating Nutritious Drink

Go Green Alkaline Juice

Alkaline Recipes - Go Green Alkaline Juice


2 Celery Sticks
1/2 Cucumber
1 teaspoon Melrose Organic Barley Grass Powder
1 small piece of Lime, peeled
1/2 ripe Avocado
Ice cubes

How To Prepare This Recipe

Place the ice cubes in a glass.
Juice the celery lime and cucumber and pour over ice to chill the juice
Blend avocado, juice (leave out the ice) and organic barley grass powder until smooth.
serve with a wedge of lime…

You may Drink a la Tequila Style. Lick Celtic Sea Salt, drink and bite the lime!

There are more yummy alkaline recipes for dinner, lunch and breakfast ideas in The Alkaline Cookbook.


The Alkaline Foods CookbookThe alkaline cookbook contains 84 of delicious and healthy alkaline recipes for alkaline diet that will alkalize your body and balance your pH level. In it you’ll how to prepare alkaline recipes like, alkaline soups, salads, main dishes, side dishes, dressings and much more. So enjoy these easy to prepare alkaline recipes, if you like them order the complete alkaline cookbook. Happy Eating!


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